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Vatsa Vishesh

Drive business results by optimizing for Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversions, App Installs or Brand Awareness. Learn how to strategize and optimise your ad sets, budget, ad creatives and bidding from 7 Figure Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs & Best Selling Instructors from Singapore.



Every Friday




4:30 PM - 7:30 PM SGT


3 Hours


$199 SGD

About the Workshop


✔ Beginner to Advanced level in 3 hours

✔ Practical hands-on learning

✔ Get access to 10+ GrowthTools

✔ Global Certification from Singapore

✔ Grow sales, leads and acquire new customers

✔ Boost your existing business online!

✔ Create and launch Instagram & FB Video Ads that Engage & Convert

✔ Integrate traffic channels with email platforms, enable auto emails & sign-ups

✔ Power and optimize traffic using growth tools

✔ Drive business results by optimizing for Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversions, App Installs or Brand Awareness

✔ Learn from a 7 Figure Digital Entrepreneur & Best Selling Instructor

✔ LIVE from Singapore, Online via ZOOM


  • Access to +500 Growth Tools Directory
  • 30% Off & Fast-Track Entry to our Singapore Bootcamps
  • FREE E-Book & Complete Guide on SMM
  • Content Creation Project Specs
  • Daily Content Planner
  • Campaign Budget Template
  • Campaign Tracking Sheet
  • Graphic Creation Specs
  • Marketing Campaign Overview Template
  • Monthly Content & Promotions Planner
  • Weekly Content Marketing Journal
  • FEE Waiver on our Master Bootcamp

Our Students & Participants come from


Complete this bootcamp successfully to obtain this prestigious Dual Global Certification from STANDOUT and Aventis School of Management Singapore.

Do you have an idea whose time has come however overwhelmed by its potential and not sure where to begin?

We will not only help you shape your idea into a business model but also give it a digital life, through your own hands!

It’s observed worldwide that 90% of the new ventures fail. Some of them fail because of lack of vision and strategy, some because of lack of funds and most fail because business owners aren’t able to run their marketing campaigns successfully.

Do you own a business but not sure how to take it online?

We will not only help you take your business online but also teach you how to manage it, all by yourself!

Mastering digital marketing is no easy task for small business owners. Changing algorithms, rapid industry updates and constant new developments can make keeping up to speed feel like a full-time job. Many small to medium businesses have avoided going digital due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the steps they need to take to truly integrate their online and offline presence.

Do you like being your own boss and live your life on your terms?

We will teach you the ropes of consulting and freelancing and provide you hacks to achieve your financial freedom.

The freelance digital marketing industry is all about staying on top of trends.

Do you aspire to work for your favourite organisations?

Join us and get ahead of your peers in just 3 months. We won’t nudge whether you are happy at your current job or not, however potential for a second income wouldn’t hurt 😉

About 61% of the digital marketing jobs have salaries of $175,000 or more. They are listed at director level or above. The Chief Growth Officer will be in between $165,000 and $200,000; VP of MarTech between $135,000 and $200,000; and VP of Digital Marketing between $135,000 and $200,000.

About the Trainer

Vatsa Vishesh

Vatsa Vishesh

CEO of STANDOUT | Growth Marketer | Ex-Wall Street | Trainer & Speaker - NYC | Singapore | Mauritius | India

With a Masters in International Business from IESEG Paris, Vatsa's got extensive international experience in working with start-ups across New York, Paris, Singapore, Mumbai & Bangalore, a deep understanding of diverse cultural and business practices, strong analytical skills and a background in the digital space.

He has consulted over 50+ startups across US, Brazil, France, Singapore & India by scaling and growing their businesses online via creative growth hacks and digital marketing strategies with achieving an overall transactional revenue of +10 Million USD.

He's currently a Digital Marketing Trainer at Aventis School of Management - SINGAPORE, Pronumeris Training Centre - MAURITIUS, and Founder & CEO of STANDOUT.

"A happy client is what we get our kick from. We believe that we grow if you grow"

Hear out what StandOut's alumni love about our programs!

Beatriz, Spain

"A wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone. All the activities have been really interesting and there is always a variety to choose from. Lessons have been superb, as students are the ones that choose their subjects, everyone is willing to learn and teachers are incredible, they are really prepared and keep motivating all of the class to participate."

Ansu, India

"The counsellors are the best, they are fun, always happy and nice. They help you with everything you need and make some activities that might seem boring really fun. The teachers are great too, with their help you learn really quickly and they are always there to explain any questions you have."

Gurban, Turkmenistan

"t was absolutely amazing to try something new this summer! I had a blast and got to know many new people that I am still in contact with. This camp helped me to get to know new cultures from around the world."

Polina, Russia

"The excellence of the program was in encapsulating the political, economic and entrepreneurial history and ecosystem of Singapore into a single package of 2 weeks."

David Kumia, Indonesia

"Loads of knowledge made easy to assimilate. This program is a gathering of brilliant intellectuals, from across the world. Unmissable."

Michael Trinh Tran, Australia

"Fascinating lectures in the morning, very interesting company visits in the afternoon and fun outdoor activities in the evenings. A great combination of education, cultural interaction and entertainment in the Lion City!"

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Got Questions? Check out out FAQs

Who is This Program For?

If you think you can join, you are right. You bring your conviction; we take care of rest. Note that we only have limited seats and we give preference to “movers and shakers”, that is those who decide fast and those who want to shake the online world with their ideas.

Where is it located?

We are today in Asgard (though we do have an office in Singapore, we prefer to be nomadic when possible). You could be anywhere, just tune in 😉

We do online live coach led sessions. We know a lot of us are used to offline classrooms, but if we are learning digital, we also need to get comfortable with virtual collaboration, and in these times of epidemic we want to ensure health and safety for everyone. Don’t worry, world is shifting to virtual ways of collaboration, it will be an added advantage.

How many people attend this?

Please note that we wouldn’t be taking more than 15 people in a batch and encourage people from all walks of life, from students aspiring to become professionals or freelancers to business owners aspiring to take their setup online and launch globally. In fact,anyone with founder’s mindset can use this to give a digital life to their ideas.

Will I get a certification at the end?

Complete this bootcamp successfully to obtain a Dual Global Certification from STANDOUT and Aventis School of Management Singapore.

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