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We help business owners or aspiring business owners to launch and scale their Digital products, SAAS, Apps, Courses, and more, through Facebook Marketing.

7 and 8 figures is closer than you think!

Our Services

+$10M in Revenue Generated with Facebook Advertising

We are the best Global Growth Hackers for Digital products through Social Media Marketing, combining data-driven marketing, content creation and strategy, and world-class advertising.

Copywriting & Content Creation

We create video and image content for you with our team of professional designers & copywriters, and we also elaborate the right strategy to use them to launch your project, whether by paid or organic traffic.

Landing Page, Funnels & Emails

We create you a full digital structure: landing page, book a call/sales page, checkout, the integrations with payment processors, with email marketing platforms, and so much more. So you can have an omni-channel presence online and close your ideal prospects whenever they are.

Facebook Advertising & Optimization

We buy media from Facebook, Google & Youtube to raise your brand to new heights and, ultimately, convert more and more clients into paying long-lasting customers. That’s the secret to truly scale your business to 7, 8 figures.

Data-Driven Analysis

We also have exclusive data analysts and data scientists in our team to dive deep into the data we will gather to not only measure, track and improve our digital marketing execution but also to provide you with detailed reports for you to transparently assess our work.

About This Service

We take your business reach from thousands to millions

And, consequently, we scale your profits and impact with consistency, durability and transparency. We help you build a long-lasting business thriving on a sustainable & adaptable marketing plan and leveraging the world’s best practices of data analysis for decision-making.

Step 1

Full-Stack Advertising Plan

We reverse engineer your goal (e.g. 1.000.000 users in one year; or “7 figures a month” in 3 months) to create a Step-By-Step plan to achieve it, mapping out the tools, experts and resources within your budget to get there.

Step 2

Implementation and Launch

We create all the content (video, images, and copy), integrate all the needed platforms (such as the website we created for you, your CRM, your email marketing platform and the ad accounts) and launch the Plan we elaborated together.

Step 3

Measure & Scale

After our professional copywriters, designers, and full-stack marketers have created your product launch’s structure, our data analysts dive deep into the data to measure what we should improve on and leverage to always exceed your desired results.

Our Process

A full-stack solution tailored to your product’s 7 and 8 figures launch

We scale your business combining innovation and what is already proven to work online. Often, a website + a top-notch advertising strategy are all it takes to drive your project to 7 and 8 figures. All our solutions are tailored to your needs, wants and ultimate success.

Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

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DP Concept (Singapore)

Demand Generation using Sales & Marketing Funnel Funnel (E-commerce + Chatbot)

From product designing, manufacturing, logistic management and fulfilment, Dp Concept covers it all. Dp Concept also offers consultancy based on current trends and market outlook. Their team of dedicated and creative designers will ensure your packaging communicate with your customers. Good and careful planning with proper execution pave the way to good production. Good quality is the result of sincere effort. DP Concept has strong distribution and logistics networks across Europe and Asia Pacific to provide you convenience and cost-efficiency.

Increase in local B2B lead generation
Increase in new website visitors
Parisine Scent Bar (Singapore)

Top-line Expansion, Unlocking Digital Channel Growth through Sales & Marketing Funnel (E-Commerce)

At Parisine Ccent Bar, you can create and customize french perfume of your choice. Experiment and explore freely the wonder of new fragrance notes in the creation of your signature perfume. Perfume fabrication is a complex process. Essentially, 2 elements, perfume base and perfume boost are carefully crafted by our french perfumers. The combination of base and boost will result in the creation of unique and elegant french perfumes.

Increase in Online Brand Visibility
Increase in Website Traffic & Users Growth

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

A happy client is what we get our kick from. We believe that we grow if they grow.

“We've been using STANDOUT's services for the last 5 years, and I've to say that we've seen an incredible growth for our educational business.”

Dr. Samuel Lee
Chief Strategic Director, GEX Singapore

“We developed a great partnership with STANDOUT and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new exhibit to life online.”

Carrie Johnson
Director, Paia Consulting

“From building out high converting landing pages to driving social traffic - STANDOUT has played a crucial role in growing and impacting our revenue directly by bringing in many more global clients.”

Samuel Teo
General Manager, Aventis Learning Group

“Very engaged and experienced agency. They provided consultancy for our digital marketing by doing a great job of identifying the area to concentrate on to achieve the desired result.”

Joyce Mok
Marketing Director, Topseller

“We've been implementing Hyperlocal Ad strategy in our business - all thanks to the STANDOUT team - a young and dynamic, result oriented team.”

Vaibhav Kumar
Director, Flipkart

“STANDOUT rocked on our visual identity for our new brand launch. Highly recommend their services. Keep growing!”

Saumya Saksena
Category Head, Landmark Group

“You guys rocked our website project - now we have a gorgeous looking responsive website with great design features and killer Portuguese content ;)”

Theo Ramos
CEO, Cocktail Bartenders
We have consulted the biggest names in the industry

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