10 Unique & Profitable Startup Ideas Of 2022

The top 10 best startup ideas of 2021 that have high profitability potential (infographic included).

Looking for the best startup ideas for 2021? Let me ask you a quick question first…

If you have to imagine opening your very own business, one that would skyrocket and earn a ton of money, what will that perfect business be? Could it be a tree home construction company? Or how about a pet café?

It may surprise you to learn that a cat café opened in North America a few years ago. Cat cafes are places where customers can order refreshments while also interacting with the resident cats. I know, it's unconventional. Back at that time, this was a bizarre concept that most people assumed would not sell. Believe it or not, it quickly gained popularity and began to spread throughout the United States!

This proves that new ideas and creations develop every day as we as a society advance. Anyone can start the same ordinary business, but what’s the fun in that?

That’s why if you want to be a trendsetter, here are the top 10 unique startup ideas to help you make money in 2021.



1. Course Challenges for Money: Squid Game


Don’t we all love the show Squid Game? The Netflix drama achieved the No.1 spot in 14countries shortly after its premiere, setting a wave of trends that will probably stick around for a while as season 2 is in the works.

This means that one of the best startup ideas for 2021 is a SQUID GAME IN REAL LIFE! Contests paying money to play a series of fun games and challenges. The winner receives cash or a gift. Obviously, no one dies if they lose the game; they are simply out. Depending on your creativity and market acuteness to design the challenges, this has the potential to skyrocket, especially amongst the younger audiences.

Even small challenge course businesses can grow to seven figures with the correct marketing and business plan. Hence, if this startup idea intrigues you, don’t miss out on the chance to lead the market. Start drafting your business plan now!


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startup ideas - squid game in real life

2. Game Truck Business

Gaming is a massive and thriving industry. In total, there were an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe. With the right location and planning, this idea has much room to grow. 

The innovative aspect of this startup idea is that game trucks offer a personalized entertainment experience for attendees of all ages. Once established, game trucks can bring in a good amount of money from each event due to their low overhead costs. With an effective marketing strategy that aims for consistent business booking, there is no doubt that you will make some excellent profits.

3. Spa Truck

While we are on the topic of truck businesses, here's another innovative startup idea that you can easily kick-off: Spa Truck! 

Who doesn't love a relaxing me-time at the spa after a tiring day? Many people, especially in big cities, rely on moments of relaxation to destress and stay sharp mentally. With a spa truck, you will be able to bring this service right to their doorsteps and eliminate a massive hassle from your customers' ends. 

Giving free demos might be the way to start and convince customers that your spa truck delivers a more superior experience compared to the traditional spas.

Let's conclude this startup idea with some great news! Once the business is set up, it's estimated that a spa truck can earn up to $100.000 per year.  

4. Meditation Business

Another unique startup idea related to relaxation is a mediation business.

If you practice meditation and enjoy working with or teaching others, starting a meditation business could be a great fit! The more experience you have with various meditation styles and methods, the more customers you can appeal to.

People are always looking for ways to unwind and loosen up. The recreational therapy industry, of which meditation is a part, is expected to grow at a rate of 12% over the next few years, making it an excellent and growing industry to be a part of. Meditation instructors have the potential to earn around $47000 per year. This value can depend on the area or country. 

startup ideas - spa truck

5. Treehouse Building Business

One of the most unique and fun startup ideas of 2021 is a treehouse building business. 

Many children across the country fantasize about having a treehouse, which is precisely why a company that designs and builds innovative treehouses holds the potential to be a highly profitable start idea, especially in suburban areas.

You can offer various and flexible services with a treehouse building business, from a complete package of designing and building the perfect treehouse to selling parts of a finished house that your customer can safely build with their kids. So, similar to other unique and innovative startup ideas on the list, go wild and follow your business vision to create the perfect startup!

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6. Party Bus Business

Who doesn't like a bus with kickass disco lights, music, and other superb facilities where they can have fun with friends? 

Party buses are often one of the top choices for parties, proms, and other celebratory events. A party bus business may be the best startup idea for you if you have the skills and passion in coordinating events while also enjoying providing top-notch customer experience, and at the same time, can think quickly on your feet. 

It's true that party bus businesses are not as fresh as the other startup ideas on the list so far. Still, its growing popularity has turned this entertainment business into an appealing option for a broader range of customers than ever before. 

The costs of transportation, salaries, and insurance are among the most major startup expenses. You'll also have continuing fees for gas and bus maintenance. However, with the potential of high hourly rates to charge, part buses owners are estimated to have an earning potential of millions of dollars in revenue per year, depending on your operation size. 

startup ideas - party bus

7. Glamping Business

From nature immersion to yummy smores, it’s safe to say that many love camping. However, camping can be an intimidating activity for some due to its “out-of-comfort-zone” nature. So, it’s time to make it fancy and fun for them!

One of the startup ideas that are on a substantial rise is glamping businesses. You can define Glamping as “making camping glamourous”. This startup idea can be a profitable venture for people with a background in the hospitality industry or someone who genuinely loves making camping more fun and accessible. 

The initial investment for a glamping business might be substantial, depending on how much “Glamourous” you wish to put in the “Camping”. Earning potential varies based on location and experience quality, with nightly prices ranging from $50 to over $2500. 

8. Pet Food Store


Love pets and cooking? Well then this might be one of the best startup ideas for you!

Combining those two skills and starting your own pet food business with millions of people having pets is undoubtedly a unique idea! Pet nutrition knowledge is essential, and veterinary experience can be highly beneficial. Consider offering specially formulated pet foods that are made with more natural and high-quality ingredients; you will surely attract many pet lovers who only want the best for their animal friends. 

startup ideas - pet clothes and pet food store

9. Pet Clothes Store 

Another fun pet business startup idea is a store that sells pet clothes. If you love fashion and pets, why not take a shot at this unique business? 

Many pet owners want to buy exclusive clothes or accessories for their pets, but most stores offer a limited selection. If you got the style, your store would undoubtedly draw much attention and blow up. Being creative, original and having a genuine love for pets are essential to turning this startup idea into a successful venture. 

10. Toy Thrifting

The last startup idea on our list is a toy thrifting business. On the topic of thrifting, clothes thrifting has been trending and famous for decades. Entering toy thrifting. The interest in toys has spread to more age groups in our modern society, while limited edition toys are highly desirable. 

Having experience in finding and purchasing rare toys, as well as general business knowledge, is essential for adequately marketing your toys to the best audience.

startup ideas - toy thrifting

I hope you enjoyed these unique and innovative startup ideas. If you're still stuck on creating the perfect business, my last tip would be to think about all of your passions and how they can solve a common issue. Once you have the answers, it's time to combine them and create something extraordinary! You are only one step away from turning your business into the next big thing. 

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10 Unique & Profitable Startup Ideas Of 2021 - Infographic by STANDOUT DIGITAL
10 Unique & Profitable Startup Ideas Of 2021 - Infographic by STANDOUT DIGITAL

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