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4 Simple Steps To Kick-Start Your Pinterest Marketing | Strategies & Tips

With an impressive jump in popularity, learn the fundamental of Pinterest Marketing strategies and tips to market on this social media platform like a pro!

Let’s face it, communication and engagement with your targeted audience for an online business are…especially tricky. With the average attention span decreases to only 8 seconds, it is not just a race to attract, but also a race to retain your customers’ interests.

But here is a piece of great news…

We are all naturally drawn to visually appealing images. This explains why a combination of image and text, or a video, always perform better than a plain wall of text.

You probably already knew this…which is why you and your team put great efforts into editing the best images possible for every post, every product and every other section of your business website.

But then again, are these images performing at their best potential? Are they receiving enough attention and raise enough engagement as you expected? If no, I have the perfect strategy for you! If yes, well then…what is the harm of getting more!?

With Pinterest Marketing, fully exploited the power of digital creatives and get discovered by millions of prospects who are attracted to your business’ uniqueness.

Pinterest Marketing strategies and tips for businesses
Pinterest Marketing Strategies And Tips

What is Pinterest Exactly?

Although Pinterest was initially known for being a go-to place for recipes and creative ideas, it has evolved into a platform with great marketing potential. 

Pinterest has earned a reputation as a visual search engine, with millions of pictures, graphics, links, and ideas for virtually everything you can think of. This makes it a goldmine of creative contents for 459 million active users monthly, a number that marketers should not ignore.

Reportedly, 55% of Pinterest users use the platform to discover new products and ideas, making Pinterest Marketing an extremely effective tool to drive website traffic.

How to successfully promote your business with Pinterest Marketing?

Let’s get straight to how you can use Pinterest Marketing to promote your business…or to be more exact, to promote the creative contents of your business! 

To get started, create a comprehensive Pinterest Marketing strategy that will not only attract a large number of followers but also amplify your business’s creative characteristics. Creating the ideal profile, working out your marketing plan, being a member of group boards, and focusing on Pinterest SEO are the four primary tactics to gain exposure for your company on Pinterest.

1. Creating the Perfect Profile

The first essential step to having a presence on any social media platform is creating an account. 

Add more power to this fundamental step by having a clear strategy on the type of content and values you want to deliver with your account, especially for a creativity emphasized platform such as Pinterest.

Similar to other social media platforms, a Pinterest business account can gain you access to in-depth analytics, rich pins, and other exclusive features.

Next, it is time to focus on branding your Pinterest profile so that it accentuates your business’s unique characteristics and offers. Explore Pinterest’s various tools and utilize them effectively to create your business perfect profile.

Here are the things you should include in your Pinterest business profile:

  • A Cover Board to represent your business

This is the ideal spot to highlight your company's characteristics and unique offer with blog posts, graphics, product images, and other designs. Let your viewers know who you are and why they should keep exploring your profile.

  • Set up Your Pinterest Boards

One of the best features that distinguish Pinterest Marketing is Pinterest Boards, space where one can organize posts into topics. You can display up to five boards at the top of your profile, which will slide from one to the next. 

This is an excellent attribute to strategize and showcase your product and service. Make sure to include one board on your website so people can know about your business more in-depth. 

STANDOUT offers one of the best and most user-friendly website builders available. With versatile design tools and dedicated support, you will be able to design and launch your website IN minutes! Start now and promote your stunning website with Pinterest Marketing: 

  • Update Your Business Bio

Your business bio helps to shape the first impression of new prospects and define your social media presence. Considering how you can tell a story with your skills, qualifications, experience, passion, business values and more to inspire the readers, instead of using bullet points. 

As a result, a strong business bio should be an effective tool in persuading prospects to follow your brand and ultimately, buy from you! Be sure to make your bio an entertaining read as well. 

  • Verify Your Website

Finally, you will want to verify your website. This is how you can get Pinterest Marketing analytics for your website and enable the rich pins feature, which provides additional details about your connections, whether it is an article, a product, a recipe, or anything else! Pinterest will give you a code snippet to put on your website to check it. 

Here are some example of successful business profiles on Pinterest for your inspiration:

Chick-fil-A is using Pinterest Marketing successfully to promote their brand
Chick-fil-A Pinterest Marketing profile
Etsy is using Pinterest Marketing successfully to promote their brand
Etsy Pinterest Marketing profile
Fenty Beauty is using Pinterest Marketing successfully to promote  their brand
Fenty Beauty Pinterest Marketing profile

2. Build A Content Strategy

Having a strategy for your content is always crucial to maintain a stable level of exposure and engagement with your followers. There are four primary business-related contents you can post on Pinterest:

Product Pins

Product Pins are a type of rich Pin (opens in a new window) that are enriched with metadata and formatted to indicate that they are shoppable on Pinterest. They display your website's most recent price, availability, product title and description. People enjoy browsing the website for new items, such as home décor, fashion items, family gifts, and more.

Pinterest is a big shopping discovery engine, with 72% of Pinners claiming they are inspired to shop even though they are not searching for something in particular. Beautiful product images can help retail brands capture customer interest and inspire this type of spontaneous desire.

Gucci is utilizing Pinterest Marketing strategy to drive traffic to their website
Gucci thrive with Pinterest Marketing

Blog Post Graphics

The graphics on your blogs are crucial. They pique the interest of new readers and encourage them to explore more. Make sure these graphics are well-designed and can stand out in someone's feed. This should include visually pleasing images or graphic designs, as well as large text that Pinners can easily read as they scroll through their feed.

Another tip to improve your blog post graphics for Pinterest Marketing is trends adaptation. Learn the latest design trends and embedded them in your graphics to capture your prospects’ attention instantly. 

Infographic Pins

Your infographic should contain data visualizations, graphic organizers, and other tools for visually communicating data and other useful information. Pinterest is an excellent platform for promoting infographics because they are usually vertical and long-form in nature. Scroll to the end and see our Infographic example!

Here are some amazing tools to create infographics for your business:

  • Canva - The Perfect Design Program for People Who Can't Design.
  • - Create Infographics with Ease
  • Visme - Free infographic maker
  • Piktochart - Easily create engaging and professional content in any format

Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets as a Pinterest Marketing strategy
Pinterest Marketing to boost your Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are usually free PDF checklist, journal, eBook, whitepaper, video, or other multimedia, downloadable content that marketers use to collect prospects’ email addresses and other relevant contact information. 

If you are thinking about designing a lead magnet for your business, be sure to make them eye-catching and promote using Pinterest Marketing for incredible results. Leads on Pinterest will be more willing to click on the link of your pin and arrive at your landing page, where you can move them through your sale funnel accordingly!

Looking to learn more on how to find quality leads and drive them through your sale funnel automatically? Check out these courses from industry experts immediately before these insane discount expired!

3. Be A Part of Community Boards

Joining and building community or group boards is another fantastic Pinterest Marketing strategy for getting your content out there. Pinterest allows users to invite others and add them to a board, which is a highly effective way to expose your content to a broader audience. 

Look for popular Pinners in your field and see if they have any industry-related community boards. There might be rules to join a community board, so look carefully in the overview section of the board. 

Once you have successfully joined a community board, remember to stay active and involved. Pinning some of your own content while also curating other content is the right way to build your community presence. 

Avoid oversharing or too direct sales and risk creating a negative impression about your business to the community!

Various Community Boards to market your business on Pinterest
Community Boards For Your Pinterest Marketing

4. Focus on Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is fundamentally a visual search engine, which means it has its algorithm and optimization rules. To see an improvement in your business rating, concentrate on Pinterest SEO and apply these tips to your profile:

For your Business Profile: You have 65 characters to fill out your Pinterest name and 160 characters to write your bio. It is recommended that you use this limit to its fullest to include the most common keywords in your industry naturally. 

Pins and Business Boards: Your pin’s title should focus on the main keyword, while your pin’s summary should include that keyword with a couple of secondary keywords for the Pinterest algorithm’s easy detection. Optimize your board description with the chosen keywords as well.

That’s it! The great and super easy-to-apply strategies for your Pinterest Marketing, another social media platform where you can reach potential leads and engage with them effectively. Because with the current high level of competition, having another channel to prove why you are a better choice than your competitors is always more than necessary. 

Enjoy your business’s boost in exposure!

If you are looking to build your digital marketing skills further, with powerful strategies to convert strangers into paying customers on autopilot, you need to check out these leading courses with great values before their insane discounts expired!

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