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Are You Using the Right Content Marketing Strategy? | 2022 Content Marketing Trends

The most up-to-date content marketing hacks that you should know in order to take your business to the next level.

The pandemic has caused a dramatic change in consumer behavior and informational needs. These factors are giving rise to lucrative opportunities in the field of content marketing because consumers are increasingly shifting online which is disrupting the business world. 

Content marketing budgets are gradually skyrocketing! According to statistics, 43% of marketers are already experiencing budget increases, and 66% of marketers expect an increase this year.

The world of content will keep evolving and brands will find new ways to reach their key target audience.

There are various emerging & continuing trends in content marketing that can be leveraged to help mold your approach and polish your tactics, of course keeping in mind your business goals and objectives.

Content Marketing is evolving rapidly and brands need to keep up to stay competitive. Here are a few of the most emerging trends you can leverage in your content marketing strategies this year.

Video is the key

They say that one picture can communicate a thousand words. Then you can imagine how much you will be able to convey through your videos.

Videos are a fantastic way of giving people a more in-depth look at what you can offer and they’re a great way to get your audience excited about what you do.

It turns out that moving ads on social media can be more effective than linking to a still image of the ad.

A brand new survey on small-business marketing practices shows an increasing focus on video marketing and leveraging video content to be discovered on search.

Great videos need a powerful start & compelling content, which is why packaging is key. Keep the viewer engaged by using various programming, branding & packaging techniques.

One of the major sub-part of video marketing is making your video content interactive in nature.

Video marketing is engaging enough on its own, but by adding interactive elements it becomes more valuable to customers. Interactive videos are a popular way to turn viewers into leads. Placing CTAs on screen can help increase the number of leads you are generating. Consumers can quickly respond simply by following the CTA, without having to open any additional tabs.

Content Marketing - video is the key 2022

The Emergence of Shoppable links

One of the most important trends of 2022 is the launch of shoppable links that are created to ensure customers can go through their entire purchase journey without having to leave the application or website where they first saw it.

Shoppable content is any type of content (i.e. videos, articles, images, etc.) that provides a direct purchasing opportunity and allows consumers to add products to the cart from what they are viewing.

It simplifies the path to purchase. You can explore everything you like without having to take another step because the content leads directly to the shopping cart. Compare this with traditional advertising, which has no possibility of converting like this.

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Personalization & Hyper-personalization 

The next important strategy is Personalization & Hyper-personalization. A one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing campaigns is obsolete now. People would much rather engage with a message that's tailored to their needs, opinions, and interests. That is why a personalized content marketing strategy always works better.

More and more customers are turning to brands that personalize their journey to make their experience better.

This year will see brands adding more personalization efforts to their marketing strategy in order to better suit the needs of consumers.

As a result, a newer trend will appear more, and that trend is hyper-personalization.

It is much more than just remembering the customer's name. It analyzes an individual's needs, wants, and preferences. It is a marketing strategy that uses sophisticated data, analytics, and AI to create truly bespoke experiences for customers.

To reach the right consumers, marketers are now catering to each and every persona of their target audience and staying aware of the specific products and channels that they're using.

Leveraging the power of AI

Integrating AI will speed up the marketing efforts if incorporated accurately with your content strategy. It will save time and resources and give even more of a personal touch to your approach. This can have a positive impact on customer retention and the level of engagement.

AI has its own ups and downs but it won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s being used more and more each day to drive growth in businesses.

AI would be used for tasks like creating optimized blogs, incorporating chatbots for smoothening the marketing process, data analysis for pattern identification, and so on.

Technology has really taken off in recent years. Some companies are already experimenting with projects that use AI programs to generate content for them, such as advertisement copy, digital ad buying, creating buyer personae, and more.

Content marketing 2022 - using AI in content marketing STANDOUT

Rise of storytelling in content marketing

Even though chatbots, video, and VR are becoming more popular, good old-fashioned storytelling remains one of the most crucial aspects of content marketing.

To create content that reaches your audience better than ever before, you can start using conversational elements in your marketing strategies. These create long-lasting customer connections and help to tell a story that increases the brand recall value.

Storytelling is more than just conveying the written word - it can be done in a variety of ways through audio and video. It doesn’t matter which you choose though, because the end goal is that you create a long-term relationship with your followers.

Tell the stories that your customers care about and bring value to them. In this way, your story will resonate with them.

Repurposing older content

One of the most significant content marketing trends is by updating your old articles instead of generating new original content. This often saves a lot of energy and can quickly provide excellent results.

It's always a good idea to check your older articles in the search engine result pages, in order to spot what might have changed in the past few years. There are probably some keywords that you're ranking for, that you don't necessarily want, or that have shifted over time. It's worth having a look at things like these before publishing your next article.

Similarly, there are many components of technical SEO for example, mobile optimization, picture size, and speed. Implementing these things will improve your site performance tremendously.

If you follow these strategies with the right target audience, no one can stop you from reaching the top. Looking for helps to create optimized content that convert and grow your business? Check out these shocking deals before they are gone:

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