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Conversational Marketing: The Ultimate Guide To Apply Instantly!

What is conversational marketing? In this ultimate guide for beginners, find out everything you need to know about conversational marketing and apply it instantly to your marketing strategy.

Let's talk about your favourite communication method. Is it quick, convenient, and easy to operate? People value individualized communication and receiving prompt responses to their questions and needs. That is where conversation marketing comes in! 

Conversational marketing develops relationships and provides customers with authentic experiences. According to research, 79% of organizations outperform their revenue targets have a documented conversational/personalization plan.

Learning the fundamentals of conversational marketing and successful strategies, examples, tools, and other resources can help you increase sales by communicating with your consumers in a personal and enhanced way. 

What exactly is Conversation Marketing?

Conversational marketing accomplishes engaging marketing objectives using live chat, chatbots, voice assistants, or other forms of conversational AI. These experiences can be delivered through websites, social media platforms, paid to advertise, and even physical businesses or linked home devices.

Currently, the problem is that most businesses are using the same old methods to communicate with their costumes. Unfortunately, these methods are no longer effective or personalized, whether that be having them fill out forms, emailing, or scheduling calls. The data proves it:

  • Only 43% of customers answer company calls
  • The average email open rate has declined to 20%
  • The average landing page conversion rate is only 2.35%

It's better if customers get the attention they need quickly in a suitable manner. That's why conversation marketing is beneficial. So how exactly do you get started with conversational marketing? 

The HOW of Conversational Marketing: 


What is conversational marketing?

The three key steps to be successful at conversation marketing are:

  1. Engaging your customers
  2. Understanding leads, questions and concerns
  3. Closing the deal 

1.   Engage Customers into Learning More:

Over 50% of customers expect a business to be available 24/7, and that's where more companies are applying conversational marketing. To satisfy this demand, you can set up an AI bot to initiate a discussion with visitors who take action on your website, such as clicking to download now, contacting sales, or booking a demo. 

After that, you continue the conversation and move individuals through your funnel instead of requiring them to wait for a follow-up email if that's what they want! Additionally, instead of waiting for visitors to initiate the discussion, you could also deliver customized messages to those most likely to buy. 

Having consistent interaction with your leads rather than having them fill out forms or schedule visits demonstrated higher conversion rates, more opportunities, and a more personalized experience with the customer. That's precisely what conversational marketing is all about!

Want professional input on picking the proper funnel for your business? STANDOUT experts will create the best funnel for your business or project and maximize the value of every lead who interacts with your business. Claim your discount here: 

2.   Understand leads, questions and concerns

A company must generate leads. Without leads, most businesses will struggle to develop their sales and customer base. Companies cannot rely on intuition; they must build plans for the customers they wish to acquire.

Bots in conversational marketing keep you available anytime for fresh leads. Bots are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and they can recognize who isn't ready for a sales interaction and exclude visitors, saving your salespeople the necessary time.

3. Closing the Deal 

Though bots are excellent at engaging and understanding leads, a human-to-human connection is essential when closing a sale, and of course, conversational marketing is more than just AI. 

AI bots can employ intelligent routing to connect leads to your sales team and even book meetings for them automatically, freeing up your salespeople to focus solely on selling. In addition, intelligent routing ensures that the correct leads are routed to the right reps at all times.

These AI bots can also directly organize meetings for qualified leads from chats once sales reps connect their calendars. After that, it is up to your all-star team to use these AI-generated data and close the sale strong! 

 Conversational marketing is the strategic application of AI to enhance communication and the probability of closing a sale. By being more available and sorting leads smarter than your competitors, you send a strong message to prospects that you can better meet their demands.

Benefits of Conversational Marketing

conversational marketing example benefits

Though some of the benefits of conversational marketing are obvious, let's look at some more features so you can understand how it helps your business overall:

1.   Creates a positive customer experience

It takes a ton of effort to ensure that customers have a pleasant experience with your brand through a few touchpoints such as your website, social media, and email. When it comes to creating pleasant experiences for your consumers, conversational marketing allows having genuine interactions and proper assistance.  

2.   Faster Sales Rate

The more engagement you have with a qualified lead in a single session, the faster the lead conversion time. You skip the waiting time of forms, emailing back and forth, or organizing a convenient call time for both parties by using a dynamic, conversation-driven approach via a chat or phone in real-time. Aside from the trust factor, you are just communicating more information in less time.

3.   Available 24/7

Because the majority of clients are busy during the traditional 9-5 working hours, the ability to contact a company on the weekend or later in the evening is convenient for them. In addition, Chatbots enable you to remain available 24 hours a day, taking inquiries even after working hours have ended.

4.   Enhanced conversion rates

Chatting to customers increases the likelihood that they will buy from you. In addition, this strategy will likely enhance conversion rates from site visits, converting all of the organic web traffic you've worked so hard to generate into clients.

5.   Increased cross-sell and up-sell potential

Engaging with buyers allows you to get to the root of their demands and concerns. Together with employee expertise, this information is critical in discovering up-selling and cross-selling opportunities with high consumer value.

Conversational Marketing Cases Studies in Companies We Love!

There has been a significant rise in conversational marketing in the past years. Let's look at a few innovative incorporations of conversational marketing in some popular companies as well as their results to give you some inspiration:


Dominos has made it possible to place orders via Google Home, Alexa, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or even a Smart TV. This variety and quantity of diverse communication channels are critical to today's picky customers, and Domino's goes out of its way to accommodate their needs.


Sephora automatically books appointments through Facebook Messenger. And they use geolocation to bring people into their storefront.


Lufthansa leverages customization in travel planning by reaching out to and engaging everyday passengers and adventure seekers. The primary purpose of these dialogues was to reintroduce consumers to the realm of possibilities while also rediscovering their travel ambitions.

These conversational marketing experiences supplied consumers with messaging to inspire them as well as travel details about some of the listed overseas places.

The results included:

  • 8% conversation rate driven by the mobile integrated marquee
  • 41 seconds average time spent
  • Total of four user-driven interactions per session

Toyota Prius Prime 

Toyota worked with IBM Watson Advertising to reach out to auto-intenders in today's more ecologically conscious world. The IBM Watson Advertising Conversations solution offers a personalized method of engaging and educating this tech-savvy audience.

Toyota enabled a new approach for users to engage with the brand through real-time Conversations with clients and prospects, resulting in the following outcomes:

Compared to other audience-based campaign targeting methods, audience-based location targeting increased engagement by 37%. 6,000 total user discussions three times the Google Rich Media interaction time standard three interactions every Big Web session.

Tools for Conversational Marketing

Yes, it's time to look at some helpful tools and platforms so that YOU can start applying conversational marketing into your business strategy fast and easy.

conversational marketing tools and examples

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot is an excellent customer care tool for various brands. According to Accenture, 57 % of companies believe chatbots provide higher ROI with less work. You can use Facebook Messenger to give shopping services, customer service help, order tracking, and much more.


MobileMonkey is B2C marketing, sales, and customer support platform that provides various chatbot solutions to contact more customers on Instagram, SMS, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. Numerous options are available for creators and brands, digital agencies, in-house marketers, SMBs, and others, ranging from conversational marketing chatbots to customer care, AI, and automation technologies.

Telegram Bot's

You can give 24/7 customer care with Telegram Bots, saving you a lot of time and money.


VideoAsk makes it simple with cloud-based video conversations that create personal connections scale. There are also text and voice options when a video is not available, as well as multiple-choice, payment options, and other features.


Instabot is an intelligent chatbot that is powerful, adaptable, and ready to assist you right away. Instabot learns quickly and can answer hundreds of questions over time because of AI capability and natural language processing (NLP).


Kimoby is a leading cloud-based communication platform that provides Business Instant Messaging for better team collaboration and outstanding customer service. It enables businesses to reach the right individual at the right time while also saving time and money by reducing no-shows. In addition, Kimoby makes it simple to increase engagement and revenue with rapid marketing campaigns by leveraging the data and resources that businesses already have.


Intercom is a conversational marketing software that uses chatbots and lives chat to assist sales and marketing teams to turn site visitors into paying clients. Intercom can also be integrated with the rest of your marketing technology stack, including Salesforce, Marketo, Stripe, and others.

Need expert assistance to set up the best marketing plan for your business? Check out STANDOUT's Done-For-You Agency services, where we will set up and optimize a strategic plan that works best for your business. Claim your voucher here:

To summarize, conversational marketing can assist you and your customer throughout the online customer journey. Whether that be instantly answering their question about a product or providing them more information on your product, conversational marketing is the answer!

We hope we were able to help you get started with conversational marketing. Remember to experiment with new methods to determine what works best for your company!

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