Artificial Intelligence

How AI is Shaping Digital Marketing For The Future

The rise of AI technologies holds a significant impact on the future of Digital Marketing. In this 2021 guide, find out how you can apply AI into your digital marketing to stay sharp and relevant.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite streaming service chooses the right show for you? How does it determine what genre you would be interested in and make recommendations?

You might already know the answer: It is the power of Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence (Al) is everywhere, from self-driving cars to Face ID that unlocks your smartphone. As technology evolves, Al is taking over and becoming the next significant movement in many industries, including business. The AI annual growth rate between 2020 and 2027 is predicted to be around 33.2%, indicating a vital positive sign for corporations and marketers to join the transition phase. 

In recent years, AI technology has saved companies such as Netflix billions of dollars while increasing revenue to impressive thresholds for big names like Amazon. Logic Dots states: "Netflix has used AI to save $1 billion in content spending. Their success is largely attributed to using artificial intelligence (AI) to help them know which movies, TV shows, and documentaries people want to watch."

With corporations' growing reliance on AI, here is a breakdown of how Artificial Intelligence is shaping digital marketing for the future and the best ways to apply AI for your business. 

AI in Digital Marketing

AI in digital marketing - STANDOUT DIGITAL

Artificial intelligence makes digital marketing easier by performing automated choices based on data collecting, data analysis, and observations of clients or economic trends that may affect business activities. 

AI technology can quickly and effectively learn how to engage with customers and provide a personalized solution quickly without human interaction. This is one of the most common ways AI ensures optimal productivity and also the reason why AI application in digital marketing might be more popular than you think!

Primary Components of AI 

Before going any further, let's look into the primary components of AI to understand how this technology is claimed to be the future of digital marketing.

Al consists of big data, machine learning, and powerful solutions. These components strive to take in vast amounts of data and produce beneficial outcomes for your digital marketing effort. 

Big Data

Big data is information with an ever-increasing volume, velocity, variety, variability, and complexity. It refers to the ability to aggregate and segment large data sets with minimal human work. Marketing teams may then use this information to guarantee that the right message is given to the right person at the right time via their preferred channel.

Machine Learning

When marketers want to understand this massive data store, machine learning systems are helpful. They can assist marketers in understanding the fundamental cause and likelihood of particular activities repeating by identifying trends or common occurrences and efficiently predicting common insights, responses, and reactions.

Powerful Solutions

Last but not least, powerful solutions in AI are the ability to generate marketing intelligence about your target audience so that you can make data-driven decisions about how to approach them best. AI solutions can also take in emotion and communication the same way humans do, allowing these platforms to grasp open form content such as social media, natural language, and email responses.

How Al Is Shaping Digital Marketing Future

Digital marketing in the future - STANDOUT DIGITAL

As a developing technology with ample potential, needless to say, that there are numerous ways to take advantage of AI. Below are a few widespread benefits and applications in digital marketing and business.

Increase Marketing Return on investment (ROI)

Marketers may use AI to change their marketing campaigns by efficiently collecting and sorting data to generate meaningful results. AI technologies are developed to make intelligent calculations about spending expenditures across channels, examine high-performing ad placements, and boost the marketing program's value. 

Improved Customer Relations and Real-Time Personalization

AI can assist you in sending customized communications to clients at an optimal or designated time. Another great advantage is the ability for AI to identify cold leads and perform needed moves to re-engage the leads with the business.

Better Digital Marketing Team Performance

Without a doubt, AI can perform data analysis considerably faster than humans. Artificial intelligence can handle time-consuming activities, freeing up time for staff to focus on the big goals. Marketers may exploit AI power to enhance strategic decisions and increase overall effectiveness by utilizing real-time insights.

Improved Marketing Metrics

Various organizations struggle to keep up with all of the data generated by digital efforts, an obstacle to their success. Dashboards that use AI provide a more comprehensive view of what is working so that it can be repeated across channels with proper allocation of resources. 

Examples of AI in Digital Marketing

Know that you have had a better understanding of AI technology and its role in digital marketing; let's strengthen that with a few examples of popular applications of AI in Digital Marketing. 

Chatbots and Conversational Marketing

Using AI in the form of chatbots allows you to provide instant responses to prospects, moving them to the next stage of your sales funnel automatically and removing the cost of human involvement. 

Personalized Emails

AI can map a subscriber's website experience and email browsing data in order to comprehend all of the individual's interactions with your material. This understanding enables the system to recognize hyper-contextual content and generate one-on-one personalized emails. Personalized emails add a special touch to your communication, making it more relevant for prospects and customers to respond. 

Better Website for Visitors

Another popular application of AI is detecting data flow interruption or unusual traffic on websites. While you can't monitor your analytics every second to see what's happening, an AI tool certainly can. 

The Slackbot powered by AI analyzes your Google Analytics data and offers meaningful reports on overall performance and large-scale data changes. This data can assist you in keeping websites up and running flawlessly, as well as addressing abnormalities the moment they develop.

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The Right Pricing For Every Product

By providing dynamic pricing, AI helps brands to become more competitive. AI technologies can recommend excellent prices for products in real-time by analyzing massive amounts of historical and competitive data. This method has been particularly effective in retail. It enables brands to alter prices to meet demand, increase sales, and outperform the competition.

Customer Insights 

AI can assist you in displaying the most appropriate products – or information – based on how the visitor engaged with your organization through the shipping department from the website. In addition, consumer insights obtained from AI assist helps your company in better understanding the behaviour and motives of your target audience, allowing you to develop campaigns centred on the consumer's true desires.

Generating Ads for Potential Customers

Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) is a novel artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can "remember" pieces of information for brief periods of time, possibly removing the need for specific ad targeting code in the near future. 

Brands may communicate with customers who are interested in their products via targeted marketing. RNN allows them to spend less time and money showing advertisements to those unlikely to become consumers, directly benefiting both advertising and Internet users.

Speech Recognition to Improve Content Marking and SEO

Speech recognition has progressed and popularized in recent years. As a result, it is becoming increasingly crucial in SEO and content marketing, as the advent of voice search implies that material must be optimized for inquiries that arrive in the form of questions rather than basic keywords.

Deep Learning 

Deep learning is the science that underpins the majority of marketing AI. Deep learning "teaches" computers various skills, such as reading text, speech, or images, and then applying what it learns to provide answers, clarify inquiries, or make suggestions. For instance, deep learning is part of Facebook's efforts to improve filters on the content and adverts you see. 

Generating click-worthy headlines

Let's be honest: clickbait headlines are best to grab people's attention. These headlines pique visitors' interest, hint at what they'll find if they click, yet leave just a sense of mystery. 

Some researchers use deep learning and neural networks to teach robots to produce click-worthy headlines that can inspire creators and readers.

AI Tools To Enhance Your Business Growth

Artificial intelligence marketing - STANDOUT DIGITAL

We have covered the fundamentals and popular examples. However, one question remained: Where do I get started with AI? 

Don't worry, we got you covered. Here are AI tools for digital marketing you can incorporate into your marketing strategy: 

  1. H2O AI: Contains many Al tools that increase revenue growth, optimize operations, mitigate risk and personalize customer experiences.
  2. Google Cloud AI: Create chatbots or talent networks.
  3. Blueshift: Tracks each consumer and reports on which marketing efforts are most appropriate based on their interaction history.
  4. Market Brew: Update and change your ranking instantly.
  5. Emarsys: AI-driven omnichannel platform that helps brands with personalization.
  6. Helps you index, search, visualize and analyze your data.
  7. Algorithmia: A common API for many algorithms, functions and models.
  8. Nexidia: Turns customer interactions into valuable insights.
  9. Zoomph: Measures sponsorship, audience behaviour and ROI on social platforms.
  10. Siftrock: Automatically replays and engage with your inbox, delivering specific messages to individuals.

While AI is still relatively new to the digital marketing world, it will not stay that way for much longer. Thus, it is essential to familiarize your business with this digital marketing future technology. 

AI includes big data, machine learning, and powerful solutions. The technology comes with significant benefits such as increased ROI, better team performance, improvement in customer interaction, and better marketing metrics. Though AI is a broad topic and can be overwhelming to get started, various tools are available to make your starting process more manageable. 

Experts anticipate AI will soon become so widespread that marketers may not even recognize that the technology they employ was only a few short years ago the stuff of wild-eyed fancy. Artificial Intelligence will only evolve more relevant to digital marketing from here. So be ahead and aware of using it to your advantage! 

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How AI Is Shaping Digital Marketing For The Future Infographic - STANDOUT DIGITAL
How AI is Shaping Digital Marketing For The Future Infographic

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