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How to Go Live like a Pro on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Are you excited to go live on social media? Here's how to do it with style and its an incredible way to reach more audience and drive more engagement to your business.

How to Go Live like a Pro on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

How to Go Live like a Pro on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Hey there friends!

No advanced video marketing campaign is complete without a good plan to go live.

Going live is a great opportunity to showcase your brand, your offers and your products while directly engaging your audience. 

In fact, going live is a great opportunity not only for that, but also to drive conversions right at the moment you are interacting with potential customers, and in this lesson we are going to show you the best platforms to go live like a pro! 

Going Live Like A Pro On YouTube 

YouTube is by far the essential platform to go live because your livestreams will be promoted alongside other videos in your niche, right in the recommended feed! To go live on YouTube, all you have to do is to click on the camera icon on the top bar menu, from anywhere on the site, and then to click on the “go live” option. 

On the following page you have to enter the information of your live session. 

First, enter a title into the “create a title” field. 

Next, add a description of the topic of your live stream into the “description” field. Now click on the “category” drop-down menu button to select a category. Now select whether your livestream is made for kids. 

Once you configure the livestream, all you have left to do is to click on the “stream now” button to go live! 

Going Live Like A Pro On Facebook 

Facebook is also an awesome platform to go live because it will heavily promote your live video to people who follow your business and on the “live map”.

Users will be able to find your live video when they search your target keywords too! 

To go live on Facebook, log in to your account, go to your business page, and click on the “live” button located in the “create” section. 

Once in the live window, select to use your “camera” or to “connect” through live streaming software. 

Now configure the information for your live video in the column to the right. First, click on the “share” drop-down menu button and select where you are going to share your live video. 

Next, enter your description of the topic of your live video into the text field below. Now add the title of your live video into the “title” field.

Now enter the keywords that you want to target into the “tags” field. Additionally, you can click on the “choose groups” field to select on which of your groups you want to share your live video. 

Now click on the “settings” tab. First, select your “live video” settings. Next, use the “video game” field to enter the name of a game if you are promoting gaming content.

Next, check the options under “360 video” if your live video is a 360 degree video, or other type of spherical video.


Now move over to the “crossposting” section and select any of your other pages where you’d like to promote your video when you go live. 

Additionally, you can click on the “interactive” tab to select to promote and sell “tickets and events” during your live video, and to create polls or trivia questions that your audience can respond while you are live!

Once you have set up all your configurations, click on the “go live” button to start your broadcast! 

Going Live Like A Pro On Instagram 

Another great platform to go live to promote your stuff on is Instagram.

Thanks to its visual discovery format, Instagram can easily generate lots of engagement for your live videos. 

To go live on Instagram, open the app while logged in to your account.

Next, tap on the camera icon on the top-left corner. Once in the creation screen, tap and drag the options in the bottom of the screen and select “live”. 

Next, tap on the “go live” icon. Now you are live! You can use the icons below to add elements such as emojis and stickers to your screen, and you can end the broadcast by tapping on “end”. 

And this is it my friends!

The best ways to go live are just a few finger taps away from your computer or phone, and they can help you achieve results faster!

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