Youtube Marketing

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

Here you will learn the best ways to run video marketing campaigns across youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

Running a Successful Video Marketing Campaign with YouTube 

Hey there everyone!

Let’s now step up this training: let’s create your first for-real video marketing campaign. 

If you’ve shied away from creating a video marketing platform on a major ad service before because it felt overwhelming, now you won’t have to, because with our advice you will learn all you’ll need to know to launch effective campaigns to promote your marketing videos. 

Now, we are going to show you how to create an advertising campaign to promote a marketing video that is uploaded to YouTube. 

Getting Started 

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

To advertise a marketing video that you uploaded to YouTube you have to create an ad campaign on Google Ads. So start by visiting the “” URL. Make sure that you are already logged in to your Google account, and click on the “sign in” button. 

Once in the dashboard, click on the “campaigns” tab. On the following page, click on the “plus” icon, and then on the “new campaign” option. On the following page you will have to select your campaign goal and campaign type. Start by selecting “create a campaign without a goal’s guidance”.

Next, select “video” as the campaign type. Now select “custom video campaign” as the campaign subtype, and then click on “continue”. 

Configuring Your Video Campaign 

Now it is time to configure your video campaign. Start by entering the name of this new campaign into the “campaign name” field. Now click on the “bidding strategy” tab and make sure that “maximum CPV” is selected as the bidding strategy. 

Ok, now move over the “budget and dates” section. Click on the “budget type” menu button and select “daily”. Now enter the amount that you are going to spend daily to run this campaign. Here we recommend you to enter between $10 and $25 to get started. 

By default, the launch schedule is set to “start as soon as ads are approved” and “without an end date”, so you can now scroll down to set your language and locations. 

First, click on the “languages” tab, click on the “enter a language” field, and then select the languages that you want to target. Next, click on the “locations” tab and select the locations that you want to target. 

Ok, now scroll down to the “create your ad group” section. Enter the name of this campaign’s ad group into the “ad group name” field. Now move to the “people” section. Click on the “demographics” tab and select your demographic targeting. Now click on the “audiences” tab.

Enter a keyword into the “search” field to find an audience defined by that keyword, and select it. Next, move to the “content” section. Start by clicking on the “keywords” tab. Now enter your target niche keywords into the keywords field. Now click on the “topics” tab.

Here you’ll also enter a niche keyword into the “search” field to find and select a topic. This setting will allow you to show your ad only on videos about the topic that you select. Additionally, you can click on the “placements” tab.

Here you can enter a keyword to find specific placements where to show your ad, such as specific YouTube channels or videos, websites, and apps. If you want to show your ads on all possible placements, leave this section blank and move on to the next step. 

Next is the “bidding” section. Here you’ll enter your “maximum CPV bid”, which is the maximum bid you are willing to pay per view. Once you set your maximum bid here, scroll down to complete the final step. 

Creating Your Video Ad 

Now it is time to create your video ad. Start by entering the URL of your video on YouTube into the “your YouTube video” field. Now it is time to select your ad format. “Skippable in-stream ad” shows your ad before, during, or after a video, and users can skip it.

“Video Discovery ad” shows your ad as a thumbnail banner on the homepage, in search results, and on the related videos bar. Lastly, “bumper ad” shows your video before, during, or after a video, and viewers can’t skip it. You can’t select this format if your video is longer than 6 seconds! 

For this example, we’ll select “skippable in-stream” as the ad format. After selecting the format, enter your destination URL into the “final URL” field. Then click on the “display URL” field to generate the URL that will show on your ad.

Optionally, you can check the “call-to-action” option to insert a call to action into the video ad. Next, select “autogenerate” in the “banner” section to generate your companion banner from your video. 

Now enter the name of your new ad into the “ad name” field. Then click on “create campaign” to continue. 

And that’s it!

Now your campaign is ready, and all you have to do is to wait for it to be approved so it can start running! 

Running a Successful Video Marketing Campaign with Facebook 

Hey there everyone! You’ve just learned how to create an advertising campaign to promote your video on the largest video sharing website on the planet, and now it is time for you to learn how to boost it on social media. 

In this lesson we are going to show you how to create a video marketing campaign on Facebook, the most popular social media site on the internet. 

Getting Started 

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

Start by visiting the “” URL while logged in to your account. Next, click on the “create ad” button to go to the campaign creation page. 

Once there, move over to the “marketing objective” section and select “video views”. Now enter the name of this new campaign into the “campaign name” field. Next, you have to enter your campaign budget.

Here we recommend that you select “daily budget” and to enter an amount from $5 to $25. If you haven’t created a Facebook ads account, you’ll be prompted to do it before you continue creating the campaign. For this, click on the “set up ad account” button.

On the following page, select your “account country”, your “currency”, and your “time zone”. You can click on “continue” after you complete your selections here.


Creating The Campaign 

Ok, now it is time to configure the campaign. Start by entering the name of the ad set for this campaign into the “ad set name”field. Now move to the “audience” section to set up your target audience.

First, click on the “edit” button corresponding to “locations”. To select a location, simply enter the name of a location you want to target with your ads into the “more locations” field, and then click on the name of that location in the results.

You can add as many locations as you want! Next, select the age of your audience. Now select the gender. Now click on the “edit” button corresponding to the “detailed targeting” section. Here you can use a keyword to select an attribute that matches the interests or behavior of your perfect customer.

All you have to do is to enter your keyword into the text field and to select an attribute from the results. 

Now move over to the “placements” section. Here you can select where to show your ads. If you select “automatic placements”, your ads will show on all possible placements and devices. If you select “edit placements”, you will be able to select the placements where you want to show your ads.

For this example, we’ll select “automatic placements”. In the “optimization and spending controls” section you can edit your “optimization for ad delivery”, the “cost control” if available, and the “schedule”. The default settings are adequate for this type of campaign, so you can simply click on “continue” at this point. 

Creating The Video Ad 

Now it is time to create the ad for this video marketing campaign. Start by entering the name of this ad into the “ad name” field. Now move over to the “identity” section and click on the “Facebook page” drop-down menu button to select the page of your business on Facebook. 

Now move over to the “media” section and click on the “add video” button to add your marketing video to your ad. Now move over to the “text and links” section. Enter your ad copy into the “primary text” field. Now check the “add a website URL” option, and enter your  landing page URL into the “website URL” field.

Additionally, you can also add a “headline” and “description” when you activate this option. Ok, now click on the “call to action” drop-down menu button to select a call-to- action button for your ad. Lastly, check your ad in the ad preview window on the right.

Click on the “review” button to review your campaign settings, and then click on “confirm” to submit your video marketing campaign for approval.

Approval usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes, after which your video ad will start running! 

Running a Successful Video Marketing Campaign with Twitter 

Hey there friends! You’ve just seen it in action, and now you know how easy it is to create a video marketing campaign to advertise your video on a top social media site. 

In this lesson, we’re going to up the ante because we are going to show you how to create a video marketing campaign on another top social media network: Twitter. 

Twitter is a great place to drive lots of engagement and traffic to your marketing videos, and there’s no better way to get those results immediately than with a paid marketing campaign. 

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

Getting Started 

To create a video marketing campaign for Twitter, you have to start by visiting the “” URL while logged in to your Twitter account. You will land on the campaign creation page, from where you’ll be able to start configuring your new video marketing campaign.

Ready? Then let’s do this! 

Creating The Campaign 

Ok, the first step you have to take here is to select “promoted video views” as your campaign objective. Next, enter the name of this new campaign into the “campaign name” field. Now specify a funding source for your campaign. 

Now enter the amount of money you’ll spend daily to show your ad into the “daily budget” field. Optionally, you can enter the maximum amount that you want to spend during the entire campaign into the “total budget” field. If you don’t enter an amount here, you will set an unlimited budget for the campaign until you stop it. 

Ok, now use the calendar function below to select a start date. You can also select an end date, but this is optional. Once you set all the options on this page, click on the “next” button to continue. Now it is time to enter your “ad group details”.

Start by entering the name of the ad group for this campaign into the “ad group” field. You can also use the calendar functions below to select a start and an end date at the ad group level, but this optional. Also optional is the “total ad group budget”, which allows you to set a total budget per ad group within the campaign. 

Next, click on the “bid type” drop-down menu button to select a bid type. If you select “automatic bid”, all bids will be placed automatically on your behalf. If you select “maximum bid”, you will be able to enter a maximum bid amount. 

After selecting the bid type, click on the “bid unit” drop-down menu button to select the type of view that you want to bid for. Here we recommend that you select “per video view”. You can click on the “next” button to continue after setting everything up in this section. 

Now it is time to set up your audience targeting.

First, move over to the “demographics” section and select the “gender” and “age range”. Next, use the “locations, languages, and technologies” menu to select the locations that you want to target, the language of the audience you want to target, and the technologies or devices that people in your audience use. 

Now move over to the “audience features” section. Here you can enter a keyword into the text field on top to find and select events, behaviors, interests, follower look-alikes, movies, and TV shows that match the interests of your perfect customer. 

You can activate the options below this field to expand your interest targeting. If you activate “recommendations”, you will get a series of interest keyword recommendations that you can also add to your interest targeting. 

If you activate “retarget people who saw or engaged with your past tweets”, you will be able to show your ad to people who have seen or interacted with your content before. If you activate “expand your audience”, you will be able to show your ad to people who share similar interests to the audience that you are targeting.

You can click on the “next” button to move to the next step after setting all this up. 

Creating The Ad And Launching The Campaign 

Now it is time to set up the ad creative. Start by selecting a video tweet from your profile. You can select more than one video tweet to promote at a time. Now click on the “next” button. 

On the following page, simply review your campaign settings, and click on the “launch campaign” button when you are ready to start showing your video ads on Twitter.

And that is it! 

Running a Successful Video Marketing Campaign with Snapchat 

How to Run Video Marketing Campaigns across Social Media Platforms

Hey there friends!

These last two lessons have been amazing because we showed you how to dominate paid video marketing on the two most engaging social media sites in the world. And the good news is that we saved a little surprise for last.

Yes, we’ve got something special for you, because in this lesson we are going to show you how to create an awesome advertising campaign for Snapchat! 

Getting Started 

Before you can create a paid video marketing campaign on Snapchat, you will have to register an ad account. You can do it by visiting the “” URL, then clicking on “log in” to sign in to the Snap Ads Manager with your Snapchat credentials.

All you’ll have to do next is to enter your business information. 

Creating The Snap Ad Campaign 

Once you set up a Snapchat ad account, you can visit the URL and sign in with your Snapchat log in info. You will land on the campaign creation page. 

There are two ways to create a Snapchat ad from this page. “Instant Create” lets you create a single ad in a few minutes. “Advanced Create” allows you to create multiple ads for a single campaign. The easiest way to create a video marketing campaign here is to select “Instant Create”.

Ok, now you have to select your advertising goal. The available goals are “website visits”, “app installs”, and “app visits”. For this example, let’s select “website visits”. When you select this objective, you will be prompted to enter your landing page URL into the “website URL” field.

Enter your URL and then click on “next”. Alright, now it is time to design your ad. Click on the “upload video or photo” button to locate and select your marketing video. If your video is not formatted for mobile screens, you will be prompted to crop it. Select the section you want to crop, and click on the “crop video” button. 

Now it is time to enter your company info and copy to the ad. By default, the name of your business will be added to the “name of business” field, but you can edit it if you’re promoting a different brand or product. 

Next, enter your ad copy into the “headline” field. Now click on the “call to action” drop-down menu button and select a call-to-action button for your ad. You can now click on the “next” button to continue to the next step. 

Now it is time to set up your ad delivery and targeting. Start by clicking on the “demographics” tab. In this section you are going to select the “genders”, the “ages”, and “languages” of your target audience. 

Now click on the “locations” tab and use the drop-down menu buttons under “locations” to select the location categories that you’d like to target. Now move over to the “budget and duration” section. First, you are going to select when your ad starts running and when it stops.

By default, this is set to start running your ad “immediately” and to “run indefinitely”, you can click on the “starts and ends” fields to select a different schedule. Now click on the drop-down menu button under “budget” to select a budget type. You can select “daily budget” or “lifetime budget”.

For this example, we are going to select “daily budget”. Next, enter the amount that you are going to spend on this campaign according to the type of budget that you select in the amount field under “budget”. 

Now move over to the “business address” section. Here you’ll have to enter your business address into the “street address” field, and to enter “city”, “state”, and “zip code”. This information is required, so make sure to enter a valid and complete address! Now move to the “payment details” section.

Here you are going to select the payment method that you’ll use to pay for your ads. If you select “credit”, you’ll simply have to enter your card number, expiration date, CVV code, and zip code associated with the credit card. 

And if you select “PayPal”, you will simply have to click on the “pay with PayPal” button and log in to your PayPal account to add your account as an automated payment method. 

Now that you are done adding all your information here, check the “audience overview” section to get a preview of your potential reach, and then click on the “publish” button to launch your campaign. 

And that is it!

There’s no easier and better way to launch a video marketing campaign on Snapchat, and you’ll see when you try it yourself! 

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