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How To Write Cold Emails That Convert: A Complete A-Z Guide

Wondering how to write cold emails that convert every time? Let us walk you through the best tips for cold email copywriting from the first to the last part of your emails. Plus, talk about some major questions about cold email copywriting. Start writing cold emails that convert now!

Cold emails are one of the best ways to reach out to prospects and introduce them to your business. At a low cost, cold emails are a popular option among marketers. So let’s talk about how you can write an effective cold email from start to finish.

Cold Email Copywriting

How to write cold emails with Cold Email Copywriting tips

1/ Rules To Write Effective Cold Emails

Personalise your message 

You need to do your research. First, find out what interests your prospects and what they want. Then, shows them you have put work into understanding them.

Also, make it clear WHY you are emailing them as opposed to anyone else. If your prospects clearly understand what roles they play in this communication, you will be more likely to get a response. 

Personalising your message goes beyond just adding a bunch of personalised variables. It’s about really knowing your prospects and how your offer can help them meaningfully. 

Introduce yourself professionally

Remember, you’ve already done a bunch of research on the people you’re emailing, but they don’t know anything about you. You need to show them you’re credible and they can trust you.

Knowing someone in common is the most potent form of social proof you can offer. If you have any direct connections, mention them. A mutual friend means you are no longer a stranger.

Lacking that, if you have any authority, credibility, or social status that is relevant to this person and your request, mention it quickly — a line or two should do it. The more “important” you are, the more likely you are to get a response.

The point is you want to find a way to go from “stranger” to part of the recipient’s group.

Always ask: “What’s in it for them?”

Try to tailor your offer and tone to hit your prospects’ pain points. Let them know that you are here because you have something to offer them. If you can’t solve a problem, give people something they want. But your gift needs to feel appropriate, from one stranger to another as well. 

Keep it short, clear, and actionable. 

You probably know this, but short emails are more likely to be read than long ones. And emails that request clear, specific action get a much higher response rate. Long-winded, rambling cold emails don’t work.

I would recommend reading your email out loud before you send it. If it sounds natural, then it will read well. 

Be appreciative 

By expressing gratitude, you give them the feeling that they are a good person if they choose to help. You also give them a little rush of power and status because you’re approaching them.

This gets results. Even just saying “Thank you so much! I am grateful” to a request doubles response rates. And tell people it’s fine if they are too busy. Giving them a way out actually makes them more likely to help you.

2/ The Components Of Your Cold Emails

The Subject Line

For a cold email, the most important thing is DON’T try to be too clever with your subject line but instead always stick to the point in your email body. Keep your subject line simple and straightforward. 


As an introduction, many of you must guess that we should start with some information about ourselves. Maybe “I’m Alice, Digital Marketing Manager at STANDOUT, and I’m reaching out to you because…” 

This is not the best practice. Because even though we are supposed to introduce ourselves early on in the email, the introduction of your cold email actually carries a much heavier weight. Personally, I believe that prospects subconsciously decide whether or not to finish reading your cold email based on the impression of these introductory sentences.

So what should you write? 

The most common and effective approach is to talk about a relevant achievement of your prospect. For example:  “I just read your new blog on [Blog's Topic], and I’m blown away by its accuracy, especially about the [A Specific Point]. 

Or another great opener would be to go straight to their pain point that can be solved with your offer if you have successfully identified it: “Staying connected and engaged with your prospects can be a difficult task, but it can be 3x easier if you have a system in place.” 

Two sentences are the perfect length for your introduction, but if you have done your research and feel that you need to include more information to grab your prospects attention, go ahead and make the introduction into three sentences. 

Elaboration on your offer

Since we didn’t introduce ourselves in the introduction, spend one sentence here to do so; as we established earlier, introducing yourself is an integral part of a cold email. 

After that, go straight into your offer: What pain points can it solve? What are its benefits? What makes it better than other alternatives? Are there any testimonials and proofs? Does it come with any guarantee? 

Again, remember always to ask, “What’s in it for your prospects? When writing this part, keep it short and precise. 

When elaborating on your offer, avoid using the tone of voice of a marketer because you don’t want your prospect to identify it as a sales pitch. People have become very against sales pitches, especially from a cold email. So make sure you sound genuine, polite and also appreciative.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

The last part is to include a call-to-action (CTA) in your email. What do you want them to do after reading the email? Is it booking a call with you? Is it replying to the email? 

Whatever it is, remember to phrase your CTA clearly! Make it actionable and also exciting whenever possible. Because who doesn’t want to take action that excited them? 

Take a look at these examples here:

  • Please book a call here to find more. 
  • Ready to increase your team effectiveness? Let us walk you through the process with a quick demo.  

I believe you already knew which is the better version to add in your email.

Your signature

We’ll go through quickly about your signature. It should be professional and inclusive to the vital info such as your website links, phone number, company, and title as a finishing touch to your cold email.

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3/ Cold Email Templates - Should You Use Them? 

Now let’s talk about cold email templates and one of the biggest debates out there about whether or not you should use them. 

First of all, there are cold email templates available out there. Many of which claim to generate impressive results for you. But then again, you have to really ask yourself…

Are they personalised enough for your audience? Your niche? Your industry? And if you were able to find this template, does that mean your competitors found it too? Perhaps they have already sent this exact template to your prospect? 

The truth is that cold email templates are a resource, and how you use them is up to you. My advice is that you use them as an inspiration and a guide. Writer block can be serious, and there is no harm in having some helpful examples in stock. 

But again, don’t copy the entire template to be your email. It’s not a good practice, and you might risk your email being sent straight to spam. 

How to write cold emails that convert and generate sales

Legal Aspects of Cold Emails

Let’s talk about the legal aspects of sending cold emails. I know, not the most fun things to look into, but it’s necessary to ensure that your emails don’t violate the SPAM LAW.  

Email Spam Law can vary across different countries, so do your research first when you enter a new market. Here we have the CAN-SPAM law from FTC, which protects American consumers: 

If you are practising cold email outreach in the U.S, remember to check this out and adhere to the regulations.

And that’s it for today blog on how to write cold emails. If you are looking for helps to grow your business, check out these shocking deals before they are gone:

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