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Instagram Reels: Tips For Your Business To Go Viral Quickly!

Instagram reels are entertaining, short-form videos that allow you to bring your brand to life and expand its presence. They're a great way to promote your products, meet new customers, and showcase your creativity.

Quick, enjoyable videos have a unique ability to capture consumers' attention. Using this tactic for your products can result in high levels of interaction for your company. This is where Instagram Reels come into play. When compared to standard Instagram videos, the IG Reels feature generates 67% more engagements. An excellent way to expose your company to the target audience is through Instagram Reels. Reels can immensely increase your engagement rates and your following. However, this isn't a given. So, let's break down the tricks and hacks for using Instagram Reels to get viral.

What is an Instagram Reel?

Instagram has a feature called a Reel that permits users to record or post up to 90-second video clips that they may then edit, sound-dub, or enhance before sharing on the app. With the help of these little videos, people can share original content, display personality, promote brands, or simply have fun. Reels can be shared on Instagram Feeds, Stories, or Explore tabs and are accessible under their own tab on account profiles.

TikTok vs IG Reels

Most of you probably know that TikTok and Insta Reels are quite similar. TikTok is also a social media app centered around short-form videos. However, according to various statistics, Reels can be a better place for market-oriented videos. Brands receive more engagement on Instagram Reels than on TikTok by 387,000 more likes. Additionally, Instagram Reels provide more real estate than TikTok. 

Effective Ways to Make Business-Based Reels Viral

Engage Your Audience than Selling Your Products 

Even though you might wish to sell, people don't actually open social networking apps expecting to see advertisements. During breaks in their day, they use Instagram to explore ideas, connect with people, and receive a short fix of entertainment. You must therefore ensure that your Reels enable them to accomplish this. To truly engage the audience and have them be interested in what you sell, you should:

  • Show Your Business Identity: 

It's crucial to demonstrate to your clients who you are as a company. Your business's origins, principles, and ideals. Reels are a fantastic tool for presenting your story in a condensed, easily shared manner.

Making a progress reel is currently a common tactic. This entails providing a brief time-lapse of your beginnings and current location. People will appreciate learning about the real people who run a company. 

This can result in greater engagement on your part with your clientele. Reels are a far better format than articles for communicating this information. Examples for Business Identity Reels: Introducing the team and you, Tell a story about your brand/ how it started, Day in the Life of You, etc.

  • Show them the “Behind the Scenes”

If all of your Instagram reels are commercials or product promotions, it's monotonous and dull. The use of behind-the-scenes footage can help you maintain the diversity of your material.

It can be beneficial to provide your audience with a more detailed look into your creative process. It facilitates communication between you and your clients. Users may also see how much effort goes into your designs and items.

Examples of “Behind the Scenes”:  Showing your workspace, Packing an order.

Other proven ways to boost your business on Reels:

  1. Unboxing your Product.
  2. Following popular trends and incorporating your product.
  3. Doing FAQ.
  4. Share customer testimonials or success stories.
  5. How to Use the Product (Show it excitingly).
  6. Respond to Comments and take action based on what your target audiences say.
  7. Make a Blooper Reel.
  8. Share encouraging messages or thoughts.
  9. Post a contest.

Post Consistently and At the Right Time

One of the best things you can do to enhance your success across the platform, including in Reels, is to post frequently.

It improves your chances of getting viral. Additionally, the algorithm is a lot like your largest supporter; it adores when you publish fresh content! Keep your content fresh because Instagram prefers to display recent videos over old ones.

Posting frequently also allows you to gather a huge amount of beneficial insights that will direct you when you're attempting to determine what functions and why. You'll discover more about your target audience as you post more frequently—what are their likes, when they are the most active, and other things. The optimal amount to post can be between 4-7 times per week. 

Additionally, the timing of your posts can be as important as the content. Find out when people are most engaged with your posts. Your supporters are most active at this time. The secret is to avoid posting at the busiest times. Instead, you should publish your Instagram highlights when the majority of your users are online. Here are the best posting times at PST.

Use the Collabs Feature

Instagram introduced a new function called Collabs last year. With this choice, you can give another creator credit and let them share the Reel from their page as if it were their own.

If you collaborate with influencers, brand partners, and other parties, the Collab tool is a game-changer. It enables you to reach out to their whole audience, which can result in significantly more likes, shares, reach, and engagement overall.

Here are the steps to use the Collabs feature on Instagram Reels:

  • Select Tag individuals when you're ready to publish your Reel.
  • Click on Invite Collaborators.
  • Choose the user in your video who you want to highlight or mention.
  • The Reel will appear on the Reels page of the user's account if they accept your offer to collaborate.

Choosing the Right Audio

You only need to press one button to include audio in your reels. When you click the music note icon on the reels creation screen, a list of songs that you can include in your video will appear. Select a piece of music that complements the clip's tone and theme.

Make sure to use trending sounds so they will enhance and capture the person's attention. You can also use the video's live audio or narration tracks if you don't wish to use music.

Add Titles to your Reels Cover Photo

Make it simple for users to choose the Reel they want to watch when they access your Reels tab. Your Reels' titles also give your Instagram followers a sense of the content you upload.

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Other Key Features To Remember

How long should your Reels be?

Instagram Reels have a maximum duration of 90 seconds.

Users could only upload Reels that were up to 15 seconds long when Instagram's Reels feature originally launched in 2019. Users will have a choice of four Instagram reel lengths in 2022, each of which lasts up to 90 seconds. You now have a whole minute and a half to wow your audience.

But do you really need to use all 90 seconds? No, never. The Reel itself is entirely responsible for it. In general, when selecting how long to build an Instagram Reel, aim towards user-friendliness.

Longer Instagram Reels are useful for longer narratives, how-to instructions, trips, and other types of content.

But you don't want to drag things out. Remember that the goal of Reels is to create small snippets of delightful content, so keep it short and sweet.

Reels Dimension

Setting up your Reel for success also involves choosing the proper dimensions. Using the incorrect proportions can make your post look odd. And users will likely swipe up right away. Additionally, the omnipotent algorithm dislikes stretched or distorted-looking Reels. 

What size Instagram Reel do you think is ideal? Create your reel frames with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Make sure your thumbnail fits the ideal dimensions of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels if you decide to have your Reel appear on your normal Grid (probably a smart idea, by the way).

Schedule your Reels

The most efficient way to save time is to schedule Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels can be created in bulk and scheduled for days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Your Reel will automatically be published when it's time to post; no need for late-night logins.

Platforms that allow the scheduling of Reels include: Later, Hootsuite, and Metricool

Get Inspiration from Other Businesses

Checking out what other companies are doing on Instagram is one of the best things you can do as a knowledgeable Reel creator. You can browse for content to help inspire you and find original ideas for Instagram Reels.

Use the general search box located at the top of the app to quickly look for Reels. Use the search feature to enter a term and then explore the content, users, and hashtags associated with it.

Although Instagram's default search feature is useful, it doesn't just display Reels. Clicking on hashtags from other Reels is a terrific way to search solely Reels.

In Conclusion...

Short videos are an excellent way to maximize impact because they can be tailored to your brand's objectives.

With built-in editing tools and Instagram tutorials, brands can easily create and share content to reach thousands of people who are already scrolling through the platform. Don’t be afraid to be creative and try out different things to truly STANDOUT!

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Instagram reels are entertaining, short-form videos that allow you to bring your brand to life and expand its presence. They're a great way to promote your products, meet new customers, and showcase your creativity.


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