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Marketing Trends of 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss

Marketing trends are always transforming. Explore global marketing trends and top digital insights of 2021 to give your business that game-changing boost and stay on top of the game.

Marketing trends of 2022 you shouldn’t miss

Staying updated to the latest marketing trends is not to be taken lightly, whether your business is newly started or already thriving and making 6 and 7 figures in revenue monthly. And yes, it can be seemingly easy to learn about the trends while scrolling through your social media or news feed, but keep in mind that by that time, it might be a little too late…as too many competitors will have joined the bandwagon and now, your market may be too crowded.

So what to do to adapt as quickly as possible to marketing trends?

Congratulation on taking that initiative and searching it up! Now, let’s discuss the global marketing trends of 2021.

The pandemic has certainly impacted all aspects of life  drastically and put digital marketing in the spotlight. Digital marketing has already been in the spotlight way before 2020, but at that time, some businesses were still convinced that they were doing just  fine without it. However, now…well I believe you know what I mean since you are here, after all, searching for the top digital marketing trends of 2021.

1. Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has become a vital part of Digital Marketing. Let's look at the Social Media Marketing trends of 2021.

Forbes declared that social media platforms are transforming to top preferred channels for online purchases, a huge evolvement from its original purpose. Social media giants such as Facebook are helping users to purchase easily and almost effortlessly. You see a product you like together with some highlighted information and after a few taps or clicks, it is yours! Simple and highly convenient. As new features are being updated rapidly, make sure your business adapt to reach more customers.

Another thing about social media marketing trends…

Social media stories. We see the story feature in almost every social media platform nowadays and people enjoy using it, whether to create a story or to check out stories from friends. Compared to a regular post, story has so much more interactive triggers. Take that extra step and create a story for your online account and engage with customers. Ask them to participate in a fun poll or to visit your business website with the “Swipe up for more” option.

Social media stories are amazing and let me tell you why…because people can scroll through your posts in one second, but if they click on your story, they will DEFINITELY watch it!  

2. Personalization

Yup, it is 2021 and people are seriously sick of generic marketing blast. So if you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you need to go for personalization.

Just think Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon. With highly personalized recommendations, these giants are getting insane engagement from their users. It is an amazing way to familiarize your customers with your business and best of all, you will get to understand more about them, too.

But of course, I am not telling you to manually send marketing messages to each and every customer to personalize it. Many marketing tools come with personalization variables. Select and add the variables that are best suited to your needs.

Social media marketing trends, top digital marketing trends 2021, Global marketing trends
Social media marketing

3. Privacy marketing

Privacy is a major theme. You need privacy, your customer needs privacy, we all need privacy. Privacy marketing is surely one of the top digital marketing trends of 2021. But since tech giants such as Google or Facebook fail to deliver that, this might be the opportunity for your business to score.

Breach of personal data is being fined heavily, meaning people are getting more serious about protecting their data. Because without trust, there is also no business. Thus, don’t hesitate to discuss and announce how your company is protecting customers’ data. Foster transparency. Establish trust and prove to your customers that you genuinely care. This global marketing trend is an outstanding way to connect and via the correct implementation, your business could surpass numerous competitors faster than you could imagine.

4. Video marketing

Use them on your social media, use them on your website or even on your email, video is everywhere and its spread shows no sign of slowing down because EVERYONE LOVES IT! Admit it, you do too.

A fun, informative video to just sit back and enjoy is definitely a go-to. Video obviously takes a little more time to create but the paybacks are impressive at the moment. Improve your digital marketing game by adding relevant videos to entertain and attract customers’ attention.

This global marketing trend is surely worth it! Statistic shows that videos receive better engagement and conversion rate while helping viewers to be more confident in their purchase decision.

Different forms of videos serve different purposes. For instances, short videos are great to attract attention to your brand, longer videos are perfect for sharing information related to your business or products and Livestream is an exciting gate for engagement! Put in the effort to test various approaches and find the most appropriate for your business. It does not have to be professional and fancy, just decent and real, and of course, informative. This marketing trend of 2021 can expand your horizons!

Video marketing, Global marketing trends, Digital marketing trends, top digital marketing trends 2021

5. Sustainability

Sure, this is not new. You have probably heard of it and sustainability has indeed been in the list for a few years, but I am here to tell you, it will stay at the top of the world’s concern and it will keep getting more and more important.

If you are another sustainability advocate just like me, you would already agree by this point and you will have started thinking about ways to incorporate sustainability in your business. If you are a sceptic and think that buyers will always prefer a favorable price over a sustainable cause, think again.

In the past year, from animal-testing products to companies with unethical treatments were mercilessly boycotted, initiatives to protect the planet is THE global trend, documentaries and studies about our environment are receiving massive interest and veganism is expanding at warp speed. The proof is there, and the proof is calling you to take action!

Don’t miss out this digital and global marketing trend. As a matter of fact, don’t miss out on any of these marketing trends of 2021. Test, improve, adapt them to your business and GROW! But then…in case you don’t have the time or the resources to adapt to these top digital marketing trends, we are here to help 😉

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