Powerful Benefits Of Mentoring That Will Help You LEVEL-UP

Here are the benefits of mentoring that can help both mentors and mentees achieve their goals. A good mentor and mentee relationship can help you learn and grow together to create a positive impact on each other’s lives. Check out our blog on the benefits of mentoring to know how it can have a promising impact on your career.

Developing your skills and learning new things should be a part of both personal and professional development. 

It's not always easy to stick to self-improvement goals, but it's worth it. Life can get in the way sometimes, but this is a challenge you can overcome with dedication and persistence.

Having a mentor with whom you can share your goals and aspirations, is a fantastic way to stay motivated and get the meaningful help you need.

Mentorship is often referred to as a lifelong learning relationship in which the mentor shares their knowledge, skills, and experience to help the mentee achieve their goals. 

The goal of mentoring is for people to learn from one another and develop mutually beneficial relationships that may lead to success for both parties.

While most people are aware of the benefits of mentoring, there is still room for improvement. Only a handful of professionals seek help from a mentor even though it's recommended by the majority of people.

What is the purpose of mentoring?

By giving a younger colleague access to the experience and knowledge of an older and more experienced professional, you can accelerate their development. Mentoring will help them to grow as a professional. As a matter of fact, you might be shaping a future leader.

The goal of mentoring is to connect someone who has gained a lot of knowledge and experience with a person who is looking to grow at a personal or professional level.

The biggest benefits of mentoring are that mentors can offer advice and provide guidance on any topic. They have a wealth of experience that you would never get on your own. Both the mentor and mentee enjoy a multitude of benefits from mentorship opportunities.

The benefits of mentoring

Being a mentor is a great way to put back into your community and also absorb knowledge from others’ experiences. By teaching others mentors can become more efficient instructors and eventually a leader themselves. 

For mentors

a. Understand new perspectives

This is one of the biggest benefits of mentoring because a mentor can also understand various things from different perspectives while interacting with the mentees. 

In a mentor and mentee relationship, one person is more knowledgeable and experienced than the other. But a mentor can also gain fresh ideas and work on relevant topics with the mentee if she has a good amount of professional experience.

For example, a mentor and mentee can have a symbiotic relationship. The mentor can benefit from a young mentee when they provide information to the mentor on the latest technological advancements, trending topics, digital skills, etc., to understand the younger generation’s perspective. 

b. Build your network

As a mentor, you can introduce your mentee to contacts in order to help them grow their network. They may have relevant or interesting connections that they're willing to share with you as well. 

Networking can lead to professional and personal success, so take advantage of these connections when you have the chance!

One of the other benefits of mentoring from a mentor’s point of view is that it will make you eligible to join mentorship organizations where you can meet fellow mentors and learn more about the techniques of giving support to your mentees.

c. Gain recognition

If you mentor somebody who achieves success in their career, it can serve as a powerful example of the value that you offer. The mentee’s success is partly because of the skills and knowledge you've helped them develop, and this factor can also boost your own reputation in the process.

You'll be recognized for your successes, and other people may show interest in collaborating with you or asking for your mentorship. The impact that you have made will give you a positive reputation that could lead to new career and growth opportunities. 

For mentees

a. Mentors help set goals

One of the most useful benefits of mentoring is that mentors help set short-term and long-term goals for each mentee. 

With them, you can set personal or professional development goals and create SMART goals that are specific, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

Setting goals can help you focus better and make it easier for the mentor to track your progress. Mentors may pinpoint smaller tasks for you to achieve with the hope of reaching a larger objective in mind. 

This can help you meet certain priorities and develop important skills to level up your career.

b. Make connections

This is one of the greatest benefits of mentoring that can give your career a huge boost. We all know the value of networking these days. The connection that you make with your career mentor will take you to the next level.

Mentoring can help a mentee make connections and build goodwill in the professional world. Your mentor can help you identify potential opportunities and contacts when you share your goals and interests with them. 

A mentor can provide valuable connections and advice. They have more knowledge and are further up in their career than someone looking for a mentor, so they can be a good way to help your career grow.

c. Increased chances of promotion

Mentoring programs can help younger employees weigh their options and plan for their future. 

By including exercises that let them explore new possibilities and ask questions from experienced professionals, mentoring can help you figure out where your interests lie and where you want to go next. The possibilities are endless! 

Research has shown that those who undergo mentoring see higher career satisfaction, better pay, and more promotions than those who don’t opt for mentoring.

To conclude…

Mentorship is in high demand and this is only going to rise. Gradually people are beginning to understand the benefits of mentoring. There will be a stark increase in more and more people wanting to avail the services of the mentoring apps out there. 

Want to get started on sharpening your skills with an experienced mentor? Check out our BEST Growth-hacking course.

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