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Social Commerce: The Most Effective Way To Grow Your Business In 2022

Social commerce is one of the most popular trends that has emerged in recent years. It is a way for businesses to interact with their customers and sell products to them by using social media networks. This article will introduce what social commerce is, how it can be used, and the benefits of this trend in 2022.

Did you know that in 2020, there was an estimated count of 2.05 billion online Shoppers? Most certainly, you have done some online shopping at least once in your life. The online shopping industry is expanding daily. Additionally, sales have greatly increased since the pandemic. Let’s look into social commerce specifically. It is an effective strategy that can result in immense growth and profit for product-based businesses if done right. Let’s see how.

What is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce is a marketing method to sell and advertise products through social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

With social commerce, the entire purchasing process—from finding products to doing your research and making a purchase, takes place on social media.

Why is Social Commerce important?

You probably have come across social commerce. Whether that be a TikTok ad about perfumes or an Instagram post about a pair of shoes. Most likely you have scrolled past it or checked it out for a bit but didn’t purchase it. 

So how is this strategy advantageous? Well, it may surprise you to know that the US had about 79 million social buyers in 2020, and this number is estimated to grow to 108 million by 2025. Let’s look at how this strategy can be beneficial to your business:

Better Customer Engagement

Social media platforms provide a two-way connection between your company and its customers. It not only aids in the promotion of your goods but also helps your target market connect with them.

 On these channels, users are more likely to read customer feedback such as reviews, comments, and opinions. This strengthens your company's legitimacy even further and assists customers in making an informed choice.

Improvement in Search Engine Ranking

Social media has previously been shown to enhance website traffic and facilitate direct business transactions. How? Improved engagement enables you to tailor content to users' interests, encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

You can further benefit from this by creating links, recommendations, feedback, and comments, among other things. Such natural activities increase your digital footprint and raise your search engine rating.

Consistent growth

Regularly showing up in a follower's feed offers a fantastic opportunity for branding. Active online sellers who maintain high exposure remain in the minds of their followers, who are thus more likely to refer their goods to others. Social commerce also offers a two-way communication channel that may be utilized for customer support by default.

Better Conversation Rates

Social media should encourage debate about your items because it is essentially social. Consider making infographics on fresh applications for your items for Pinterest. Share fresh product launches on your Instagram stories. On your Facebook page, share unboxing videos. On Twitter, share funny tweets. Each of these initiatives promotes discussion and raises brand exposure.

Top Social Media Platforms to Use for Social Commerce + Methods


If you have TikTok, chances are you probably came across people reviewing products that “TikTok'' made them buy.” TikTok is an excellent platform to promote products due to its short compelling videos that grab people’s attention. Additionally, TikTok is in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, and the audience ranges from 13 to 60. Also, everyone has an equal chance of going viral. This makes it the ideal platform to reach many people if the right strategies are used. Let’s see how:

  • TikTok live shopping: This is good news for people who attend live events since TikTok live shopping capabilities also apply to TikTok shopping, allowing businesses to incorporate goods from their TikTok Shopping experience into a LIVE session.
  • TikTok product tags: You can tag one or more products in an organic post using the TikTok shopping feature, allowing viewers to click through to the product detail pages from your TikTok video.
  • TikTok Shopping ads: TikTok also offers a collection of shopping ads. Here is what it looks like: 
  • Lead Generation Ads: In-feed advertising that generates leads ask viewers to provide their information in a quick form so they may safely access the gated incentive. The ad format works best in sectors with longer sales cycles. Here is the format of how it looks like:


Facebook Shops and its commerce service, offer a very minimal entry requirement. The hosting of shops under your Facebook business page is free.

You can quickly sync your whole inventory list if your e-commerce solution is available as a partner platform. If not, a spreadsheet can be used to upload product information.

To promote organic brand discovery, the Facebook Shop tab on the platform's mobile app displays products depending on user preferences. Customers can make a purchase on your website or in the app after discovering your product. Within Messenger, sellers speak with customers to answer issues, provide support, and more.


Your Facebook Shop is immediately connected to Instagram Shopping. Users must connect their Instagram and Facebook business profiles in order to create a store. Users can then upload an existing product catalog or build a new one after that is finished.

If you want to make your content shoppable and make it simpler for people to find your products, use Instagram product tags. Product Tags let you highlight certain goods from your product catalog in your videos and posts so that viewers may tap a tag to find out more right away.

By adding tags to your products, you can increase the likelihood that they'll appear in areas where consumers congregate while looking to buy, such as the Instagram Shop tab.


Product Pins are not direct social commerce tools as customers must still go to a landing page that is particular to the product in order to make a purchase. However, they are still as effective compared to social platforms with eCommerce services. Pinterest shoppable pins provide additional sections for pricing and availability information and have the same visual style as standard pins.

Brands using Shopify can integrate their product catalog to their Pinterest company page utilizing the Pinterest for Shopify app. 

Best Examples of Social Commerce to Inspire You


  • Fenty Beauty- Tutorial

The tutorial trend can work effectively in the product demonstration.

The popularity of hashtags like #makeuptips and #beautyhacks, which have generated 2.6 billion and 10.7 billion views on TikTok, respectively, shows that it plays well in the makeup industry. By incorporating trending hashtags into your products, it is likely to be noticed by more people and blow up. 

  • Milk Bar - Following Trends

Viewers enjoy seeing firms jump on popular trends or give them a personal touch. It is simpler for marketers to participate in hot themes, challenges, and memes when they invest the effort to learn about TikTok and have a finger on the platform's pulse. And if you're unsure of where to begin, get ideas from TikTok's Discovery Page.


  • Burberry- Creative Video

Getting creative with videos to post about your brand captures attention and leads people to visit your website and check out the products. A great example is Burberry where they planned out an attention-grabbing video and brought the product to life. 

  • Ink Meets Paper- Facebook Shop

They advertise that you can purchase their products from a Facebook shop with a sizable "View Shop" button on the homepage. Additionally, they've integrated Checkout into their store so that customers may purchase their cards without ever leaving Facebook. This raises the rate at which prospective customers become actual customers.


  • Smart Sweets – Giveaway strategy 

Influencers with a creative flair might draw attention to your goods in ways that you might never have considered. This example also demonstrates how a product from a completely different specialty can be promoted by an influencer who focuses on one business. That is influencer marketing's power!  

If you want to know the in-depth strategy and methods for influencer marketing, be sure to check out our blog on influencer marketing strategy.

  • Krave Beauty and ZitSticka - Expanding on Other Platforms

This is an illustration of how businesses can simultaneously establish a presence on several platforms and cross-promote their social followings. Even well-known brands on TikTok struggle to expand on Instagram, and the reverse is also true. Giveaways are a clever approach to promoting your current followers and clients to your social media presence on other platforms.

Cross-promotions on Instagram

  • Ohuhu Art Supplies - Photo Contest

Photo contests are ideal to spread the word and encourage people to take part in your brand. Ohuhu demonstrated this perfectly by hosting this contest. To enter the drawing, participants must take a photo with Ohuhu's art tools, tag their profile, and utilize the official hashtag for the business.

Users are encouraged to shoot high-quality pictures since the image with the most likes wins.

Ohuhu exhibits past selfie contest entries in an inventive way to foster a sense of community and provide evidence for upcoming challenges.


  • Ikea - Quiz Example

Customers can use IKEA's Renocations questionnaire to see which products would look best in their homes. After finishing the questionnaire, customers are given a Pinterest board with IKEA products they enjoy. They can use this board as inspiration or use it to make a purchase directly from Pinterest.

This strategy is effective since many customers use Pinterest to save possible product finds and get design ideas. The clever combination of product suggestions and pre-populated Pinterest boards fills a genuine need for clients trying to speed up the furniture purchasing process.

  • Benefit Cosmetics - Aesthetic, Eye capturing graphics

Take inspiration from Benefit and use your typeface, colors, and logo consistently as part of your Pinterest strategy if you want viewers to start recognizing your brand when they see it.

Social media has completely changed how companies and customers communicate, and social commerce is its newest application. Social commerce can take your company to the next level and give promising results. Remember to be creative with this strategy to truly STANDOUT! 😉

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Social Media Marketing

Social commerce is one of the most popular trends that has emerged in recent years. It is a way for businesses to interact with their customers and sell products to them by using social media networks. This article will introduce what social commerce is, how it can be used, and the benefits of this trend in 2022.


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