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These Market Research FREE Tools Will LEVEL UP Your Business!

Market research is important for business. It can determine whether the opportunity exists, how to position your product or service, and what consumers' opinions are after the product launch. That's why we've gathered these FREE market research tools that will help you stay up-to-date on any industry and help your small business soar!

Conducting effective market research is never easy. It presents new challenges to small and large businesses alike. Those with more resources will have an advantage when it comes to their business. Having access to high-quality tools and resources can give them a competitive edge and provide a wealth of insights on what strategies work best for their company.

But with an array of free market research tools along with the right strategies in place, businesses with smaller budgets can have a great social dominance in this rising digital world. Here are the tools that can help your business grow fast online with little or no investment.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a revolutionary way of understanding the world we live in by analyzing our search data. This new tool gives a unique insight into how often people are searching for particular things and allows us to explore how this has changed over time.

All you have to do is enter in your favorite celebrity name or absolutely anything you want to search for, Google will use their machine learning technology to figure out the search trends that people are interested in and show them with a click.

It is simple to use, has a great UI, and it even shows real-time data on any given topic you want to explore. The best part is that Google Trends is completely free!

2. Google Analytics

One of the most important market research tools on the market is Google analytics. Google Analytics is a valuable tool that can help you get the most out of your site traffic. You'll be able to see all the statistics in detail and determine what type of people are visiting your website, how long they spend on it, and whether or not they found what they needed.

It shows you data like which of your pages receive the most traffic, in-depth detail about the users visiting your website like the browser they are on, time spent on each page, etc. This is a tool that every marketer should use or at least be familiar with. Google Analytics is a free tool as well. 

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3. Tableau Public

Tableau is a great way to get insights into your business. With management tools and an interactive environment where you can explore your discoveries, Tableau gives informative insights that are just as powerful for individuals as they are for businesses.

It’s an amazing data visualization tool. Even though Tableau Public has features like connectivity to TDE, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Text file, it’s not possible to connect it to any databases. 

It also gives cloud features but you won’t be able to save your workbooks locally under Tableau Public. Being an account holder you will get up to 10 GB of content in Tableau Public. The features in the free version can give a good upward push to your business, so you should test it out.

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4. Make My Persona

Make My Persona is a tool that helps you create a buyer persona. It turns vague, imprecise, and nebulous ideas into concrete personas who are more likely to buy your new product.

To market a product effectively, it is key to take note of who might need the product. In this tool you can define who the persona is, i.e, their name, age, career, and how they feel about the challenges they face, etc. These aspects will give you insights into their demographic and psychographic parameters. 

You will be able to fulfill your business objectives at zero cost because this is a free market research tool as well.

5. Typeform

With Typeform, you can run surveys and get direct answers from your target consumers. It’s an easy-to-use form builder with a mobile-optimized interface for market research.

One unique feature of Typeform is that it displays one question field at a time. It provides templates to make the process of conducting market research easier. These templates encourage a more conversational style and are very easy to use which sits well with a younger demographic. 

One of the great things about these tools is their versatility. You can create a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, short-form, and rating scale questions. You can access a variety of features from its free plan. The paid version starts at $35 per month.

6. Consumer Barometer - Think With Google

Google sees your business like no one else can and has developed a special Consumer Barometer tool to show you just how much your customers matter. 

By combining data gathered from tens of thousands of adults from various countries, Google can help you better understand what needs they have and what they care about the most. You will get access to information about the way people use the internet around the world.

This tool provides you with graph builder, trending data and helps you explore audience stories and gauge buyer behavior insights. The Consumer Barometer is a free tool that you should put into good use. Looking for helps to create an optimize growth plan for your business? Check out these shocking deals before they are gone:

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