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Top 4 Summer School Programs in Singapore this 2023

Check out the Best Summer School Programs in Singapore, compare rankings and get insights on the 2023 global summer programs in Singapore. Apply for the next summer school in Singapore.

Top 4 Summer School Programs In Singapore

We all know that summer break is the best occasion to discover new countries and travel around the world. However, it can put us a little behind when it comes to studies and pursuing our career.

But what if it didn’t have to go that way? Being able to enjoy your summer days while still improving your skills and learning new ones would be the most optimal alternative.

This is what makes summer school the smartest decision you could take to enjoy the best of both worlds.

As a high-school student in Asia, joining a global summer program will allow you to practice your language skills with students from different parts of the world, or even explore new fields other than your specialty, in a whole new learning environment.

Nevertheless, choosing the right summer school for you can be challenging, especially with the multitude of options available nowadays on the Internet.

For this reason, we worked on gathering the best summer programs for high-school students in Singapore in 2019. Now you will be able to narrow down your choices to a well-selected list, and make a decision you will cherish for the rest of your career:

1. BOOTSTRACK - Global Summer Program

Prepare yourself for two weeks of endless fun and extensive learning at BOOTSTRACK's Summer School Program. Wherever you come from: Asia, Europe, the United States or the Middle East, our school will welcome you in an all-encompassing program.

Top 4 Summer School Programs In Singapore -

At BOOTSTRACK Academy we put you in direct contact with leaders in the business world with over 30 years of experience in the field. So, you can boost your knowledge by interacting with the experts and clarify your notions related to diverse fields like digital marketing, entrepreneurship, investment and leadership in Asia.

2. Singapore Management University Global Summer Program

Top 4 Summer School Programs In Singapore -

With its third Global Summer program starting in July, Singapore Management University offers international students an opportunity to never miss: 4 weeks of unlimited learning in Singapore, with a week overseas in another Asian city to merge in an unmatched experience.

Level up your career by gaining entrepreneurial, managerial, and leadership skills through hands-on training by industry experts.

Join BOOTSTRACK programs today! Take a step forward and experience one-of-a-kind immersive learning programs led by business veterans to shape your idea into a business model and give it a digital life.

Click here to know more.

3. NTU Summer School Program

Top 4 Summer School Programs In Singapore -

Once in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University will take you on an unforgettable educational experience in its summer camp. At NTU summer school, you will be able to enjoy your favorite track out of five different options, surrounded by high-profile instructors in a mesmerizing learning environment.

4. NUS Summer School 2019

Top 4 Summer School Programs In Singapore -

As an international student, the National University of Singapore offers one of the leading summer camps you can join as a student in one of its reputable partner universities from all around the world.

With passion and integrity among its core values, the NUS summer school in 2019 guarantees its students an occasion for continuous development and constant evolution.

Got your target course in mind and curious about summer school? Explore our summer school program in Singapore and let us take you on a learning experience that will shape the future of your career forever.

Get in touch with us to get all your questions about global summer programs answered!

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