Top 8 Powerful Discord Bots To Keep Your Server Happening!

More and more businesses are incorporating discord bots to automate their daily tasks and interact with their customers at a greater depth. Check out our blog to find out which of the discord bots listed below would be the most beneficial to take your business and discord server to the next level.

Discord bots bring about order and structure in the era of online communication. Being used by all the top Discord communities, they provide security and structure along with information and entertainment, all the needed elements in today's online world.

For example, one bot might develop a system where members are assigned roles, whereas others know where to find the information they need to access.

Discord bots can help keep your server running smoothly. There are a variety of different bots to install - such as those that automate moderation tasks and add a range of interactive features like music, games, giveaways, and polls.

You have to figure out which bot helps you bring the most value and caters to your business goals and objectives. 

Let’s look at a few discord bots and how they can help you keep your discord server hopping!

#1 MEE6

MEE6 bot

This discord bot is one of the most popular ones out there. Mee6 bot will help you automate tasks like sending welcome messages and other basic to-dos to keep the server engaged.

 It also has the ability to remove users who post ads or spam links on your discord server. 

You can set up features like mute, ban, or kick users who violate group rules.

With MEE6, you can also assign participation levels to your server users and integrate with YouTube and Twitch channels. 

You can use the free version of MEE6 with a limited set of features. And to access the advanced features you can subscribe to a monthly plan of $11.95, a lifetime plan of $89.90, or a yearly plan of $49.99. 

#2 Hydra

Hydra bot

Hydra is one of the most popular music discord bots that you can integrate into your server to keep it engaging. 

This is one of those discord bots boasting features like a loop, skip, vote, replay, and shuffle songs. Not only that, it lets you find the lyrics to the songs as well. The users can even stream songs from Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Deezer, and Soundcloud. 

There are some special features for admins on Hydra too. You can ban specific types of people from using the bot, switch the language, announce what song is playing and change the repeat frequency for specific songs, etc. 

You can use Hydra for free, but with premium packs like $3.99/month or $39.99/year for one server, you can get access to a huge range of benefits. 

#3 bot

Discord is typically known as a platform for gamers, but people are realizing how it can deem beneficial for businesses as well. Discord bots like provides customer service features that can be great for smoothly running your business. 

With the help of this bit, tickets generated can be notified to the right people on time by tagging specific servers. One of the unique features is that employees can queue and automate the tickets by customer issues and close them when they're done.

Get the customer just what they need and make your customer service department run like a well-oiled machine with the help of this discord bot. With a powerful customizable messaging and command feature, you can change how each user interacts with the system.

You can use for free or subscribe to the premium or supreme plans for $4/month and $6/month respectively. 

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#4 Arcane

Arcane bot

Arcane is one of the popular discord bots that help you level up your community. Not only does Arcane save you time when moderating, but it also incentivizes conversations and helps your server stay active.

It has a feature of voice leveling, that is, your server users can level up if they use voice chat. The auto-moderation can feature of Arcane can assist in logging new and leaving users. 

It can also ban, kick, and mute people who break the server rules multiple times and prevent people from spamming or using negative words on the channel.

It is one of those discord bots that is majorly favored by influencers. Your fans want to know before anyone else when you've uploaded a new video, and this bot can send notifications straight from YouTube to Discord.

For one premium server, the monthly pricing starts at $5/month and the annual one is $54/year to deploy an Arcane bot. 

#5 Sesh

sesh bot

If you want to be able to schedule things through discord bots, there aren’t many options available. Fortunately, this can be achieved with the use of Sesh. 

With this bot, you can manage your calendars efficiently,  create events, set reminders and schedules, and more!

Events can be created without any kind of hassle and it's possible to use natural language when you specify the time or create tasks for that matter. Start scheduling events with your friends from multiple time zones.

You can even integrate Google calendar with Sesh! If you're looking for an awesome calendar bot, Sesh is one of the best discord bots out there. It has many features that are great for almost any team, such as support for polls, countdowns, configurable time zones, and more.

#6 bot is a bot that lets you send cryptocurrency tips on discord. One good thing is that there’s no minimum value for tipping and you can tip whoever you want irrespective of the fact that they have a crypto wallet or not. 

The bot also lets you make withdrawals and deposits from within Discord, which is a convenient feature for tipping multiple people at once. has 500+ cryptocurrencies under its umbrella, like Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, etc. And the best part? It is completely free!

#7 Community Hubs

community hubs

Community Hubs is one of the most helpful discord bots that helps to communicate with other discord servers. It creates an ecosystem where you can share information between multiple channels. This bot also helps in engaging with users outside of your channel.

This bot can prove to be a huge help for businesses. For example, your brand can have multiple online communities and if you want to stream the same kind of content on these communities simultaneously, the Community hubs bot will help you to do so.

This bot lets you add a feature called “Hubs” to your server that is created by your members. And here they can post articles, tutorials, any kind of media, etc. This feature adds a huge value to your server.

#8 Xenon

Xenon bot

At times things might not go as you planned and may end up losing a lot of important information due to some error. To fix issues like these, discord bots like Xenon proves to be of great help.

With this bot, you can backup your discord server, transfer messages between multiple channels, offer server templates, and avail much more benefits.

You can find server templates for education, gaming, and more in different languages with the help of this discord bot. Xenon helps you create and archive backups of all your information like the channels, messages, roles, and permissions. 

To test this bot you can sign up for its free trial with limited features. The premium 1, premium 2, and premium 3 packs cost $4.99, $9.99, and $14.99 respectively.

Summing it up

Discord bots help organizations build an engaging and fun environment for their members. They help you keep your content engaging and informative, retaining your reader’s interest in your topic.

Discord bots have added a new level of development to your chat experience and can even help you do more with your servers. 

They allow you to interact more with the online community, understand what they want, and also help in maintaining a sustainable community by keeping the spammers outside.

There are many useful discord bots out there. They're new and some old, but they all have unique features and good usability. You should at least check them out once since the goal of every server owner is to manage their servers well.

Hope you found this blog useful. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be notified whenever our new blogs come out!

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