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Video Marketing Trends That Will Hit Big in 2022!

Many businesses have realized the potential of video marketing and its remarkable ability to connect with the audience. If you’re not already convinced that video has arrived as the number one form of online content, there are many good reasons to get on board.

With every day that goes by, the marketing industry is evolving, and video marketing is no exception. There are a lot of factors in play here, like data, technology, trends, and human behavior.

Almost all experts agree that adding video content to your marketing strategy is a smart move. From short video ads to live videos, short-format videos, stories, there are different types of video content that you can incorporate for your audience.

One of the biggest benefits of video marketing is that it provides a level playing field for smaller budget companies to compete with established brands, videos can easily go viral through word-of-mouth and other methods.

Now, let’s talk about the trends that have the potential to bring in huge ROI in 2022.

Shoppable Videos

These days consumers are not just using Google to do research on the product they want to buy. Nowadays, people visit social media for reviews and recommendations from their friends and influencers they follow. 

Brands present on social media are well aware of this. That’s why they are incorporating shoppable videos to attract and convert viewers. 

The videos work by featuring products and then linking them to the brand’s respective website by using pop-up text. They're often disguised as regular videos so that the whole video isn't about shopping for items.

Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram are coming up with their own shoppable video content when it comes to advertisements. Make use of these features efficiently to stand out from the competition in 2022.

The Growth of Live-streaming

Live streaming had a major impact on people in 2021 and it will continue to do so this year as well. There has been a great surge in live streaming because the pandemic had curbed in-person experiences and events. Live videos remain an effective way of connecting with your customer base, not only for businesses but also for individuals.

Content as we know it has completely changed recently with the introduction of live streaming. Even more, a lot of people are using live videos now. It has become an important part of influencers and known celebrities, companies, brands, and entrepreneurs.

With the increased relevance and importance of live video, if you want to be at the cutting edge and get the most out of this strategy you should really incorporate it into your video marketing strategy.

video marketing trends , live-streaming as video marketing trend

Educational Videos

Online learning is becoming more popular each year and it's one of the most in-demand types of videos.

Videos are clearly favored by customers when learning about new products or services. Not only do they provide the most information, but they also appeal to the majority of buyers. Whether it's a quick 'step-by-step' video guide or an educational one, videos are a good tool for education and training purposes.

If you are having trouble figuring out what type of video content to produce, try to create a video that helps your audience better understand who you are, what you do or your service offerings. This will help you to reach out to your audience efficiently.

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Interactive Videos

Consumers want more than just content these days. They want exciting and engaging videos and are willing to pay more for them too. That's why interactive video is so valuable, it creates a level of engagement that's unparalleled.

Interactive videos allow you to make selections and decisions along the way, making it reminiscent of an interactive game show. For example, slider reaction bar on stories, polls, etc.

You can make your video interactive by adding an email form for your newsletter or using a chatbot to answer any questions that arise in the video. Another way is by using 360-degree video which is an experiential marketing technique. This marketing strategy takes the viewer to a new level by immersing them into an incredible content experience that they can navigate through easily and with choice.

Use this approach to make your brand stories more compelling and impactful. For instance, you could invite viewers to "walk in your shoes” for a better understanding of your products or services.

video marketing new trends to check out this year - STANDOUT DIGITAL

A Rise in AR and VR Videos

AR and VR content has been around for a while but is only now gaining traction in mainstream video marketing, as it becomes more accessible and consumers demand more interactive content.

The pandemic has boosted the use of AR and VR, as brands across industries were looking to use these technologies to create virtual experiences. Businesses are seeing the importance of investing in such technologies because of the change in consumer behaviors. 

A few examples of its dominance are, retail stores are experimenting with virtual try-before-you-buy options for customers. Healthcare providers started using AR and VR for self-guided diagnostics. Meanwhile, educators are using interactive learning methods to keep their students engaged with the help of this technology.

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