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What Is Interactive Content and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

What exactly is interactive content? This content trend has grown beyond a few fun quizzes or video. Let’s walk through a few examples of interactive contents and how you can create them for your business.

Let's be honest, almost everyone has taken one of those Buzzfeed quizzes, whether it be what personality type you are or what Hogwarts house you belong in. They are engaging and fun, which is why quizzes and questionnaires are perfect examples of interactive content.

Interactive content is one of the most successful and popular trends in digital marketing. It is reported that 90% of consumers say that they want more visual and interactive content!

Several digital marketer experts and strategists have confirmed that interactive marketing is the future of content marketing. Want to take your marketing game to the next level? Here is everything you need to know about interactive content and examples that draws customer attention to your product and business.

What Exactly is Interactive Content? 

Interactive content is content that involves active participation from its audience. Instead of passively watching or reading, consumers may participate, receive individualized information, and gain quick insights into their present condition, whether it's diet advice, marketing advice, or anything else. 

Interactive content is becoming increasingly common in the media world as traditional content categories continue to lose engagement. Audiences are more demanding than ever, expecting all material to be entertaining, relevant, and accessible on any device at any time, therefore interactive content may be extremely popular, particularly when it comes to customer experience.

Benefits of Interactive Content?

Companies are investing more in interactive content now than in previous years. Why? The data explain it.  

Interactive content improves important economic metrics for content programs at all stages of the marketing funnel. For example, potential customers who contact a business will spend more time interacting with experiences that demand their attention and reward their participation. 

Let's explore the benefits of this marketing strategy in-depth.

1. Highly Engaging 

Providing an interactive consumer experience rather than static content is the best method to enhance engagement rates. This is a significant advantage of the interactive content as a marketing solution. Customers are frequently bored with content marketing methods such as posts and advertising, which may be of poor quality or relevance.

With little space to attract consumers, marketers must be inventive in capturing their attention. This problem is solved by using interactive material. Moreover, this content paves the way for the growth of interactive formats, which lengthen engagement and promote brand participation.

For instance, when users read interactive digital flipbooks, they are delighted by a new manner of processing information that is more visual and more enjoyable. This motivates people to read more, understand the message better, and even share it with their network.

This boost in engagement is visible when metrics such as time spent on the site or link shares are examined.

interactive content marketing guide - STANDOUT DIGITAL

2. Customer Preference Knowledge

Here's one area where interactive marketing, and particularly interactive content, is significantly beneficial: data collection.

One of the main reasons marketers aim to collect so much data is to understand their consumers better. And today's customer expects it; they want more tailored services and material that speaks directly to them and meets their needs.

Brands can achieve precisely that with interactive content. With content such as quizzes, evaluations, and calculators, marketers can collect critical data for developing an in-depth client profile. That data can then be utilized to create better products or services and improve content to focus on what the client wants and needs.

3. Better Conversion Rates

Interactive content is another crucial factor in increasing conversion rates. You can ask for something in return once you've gotten your prospective leads to engage. That may be an e-mail address or phone number, allowing you to follow up.

4. More Sharing

Interactive content has a significantly higher potential to be shared. People want to read it and share it with their friends to show them how engaging and intriguing it was. 

It can even go viral with suitable investments, which can significantly increase attention to your products. In simpler words, the business will no doubt receive more page views and traffic!

how can interactive content marketing benefit your business

5. Education

Interactive content can also be helpful for educational purposes. After all, technology has been used to educate people about problems and potential solutions for a long time now. 

This educational relationship will continue to develop and become the norm in modern society. 

Interactive Content Examples & Applications

Now that we have discussed the benefits, let's dive into some great examples of interactive content that are sure to boost your marketing game: 

1. Engaging Quizzes

Quiz is a type of interactive content that has gained major popularity and evolved into interactive tools for various brands. They can be used to teach and entertain the audience, usually using light and humorous language, as well as to gain insights into their subject matter maturity.

They have a good potential of becoming viral when they are innovative and relevant to the audience.

2. Calculators

Calculators are interactive pieces of content that demonstrate how your product can benefit the customer's budget. Depending on the solution you provide, you might demonstrate how the client can save, make money, or prepare financially.

This type of content can be paired with materials that illustrate the market value of your product so that the calculator backs up what you're selling.

Want to learn how to make a professional website and incorporate these interactive tools? Be sure to check out STANDOUT'S "Build a Professional Website in Minutes" course, where experienced digital marketing teaches and help you set up the website of your choice:

3. Visually Appealing Infographics

Infographics are a visually appealing technique of transmitting data and information. But did you realize you could make them even more appealing?

To transform a traditional infographic into a clever piece of interactive content, simply incorporate elements of interactivity into the text so that the reader may participate in the information.

For instance, take a look at this infographic. This draws people's attention instantly due to the appealing images, concise texts, AND interactive features that let the user navigate by clicking and learning about New York's famous architecture. Now, isn't this better than a simple boring article?

interactive infographic content examples
Click on the image to view the interactive features

4. Interactive Videos

Videos are already engaging content because they have a more dynamic appearance and narrative than textual or static stuff. However, they might be even more appealing if they encourage visitors to interact with the information.

YouTube, for example, allows you to put interaction buttons that guide people to other videos they might be interested in watching.

Take a look at this interactive piano playing. The watcher can click the numbers on the keyboard corresponding to one of the notes. Isn't that interesting?

interactive video content example
Click on the image to view the interactive features

5. Games

Games with competitions and prize drawings are famous forms of interactive content. They serve as reliable methods for generating user engagement and are ideal for engaging an existing audience or acquiring lead data at an event or show. 

By encouraging involvement, users are far more inclined to provide their contact information or perform specific actions in order to compete for a prize presented by your organization.

This may be a prize draw among leaderboard entrants, or it could be the nomination of friends to participate in driving sharing and expanding the reach of your interactive material. 

When it comes to running your competition, you have several alternatives. This strategy can also help your brand's social media presence and reach, which will increase brand awareness.

6.   Solution Finder

As interactive content, solution finders are quite similar to a quiz. However, a solution finder has a more specific goal: To assist the consumer through questions to find the best solution to their problem. 

We have all heard of the business Curology. Curology has a skin quiz option where the user can know what type their skin is and recommend a skincare routine or product based on that. Then, based on the skin quiz, it delivers the product you need from Curology for free! Now isn't that good business? 

interactive content business example

How to Create Interactive Content for your Business

For a long time, incorporating and creating interactive content took a lot of time and coding experience. However, thanks to technological advancements, there are various beneficial tools to make interactive content in very little time without any coding experience. 

Want the best interactive tools for your website? Don't worry, we got your back!

1. ContentTools

ContentTools has assisted businesses in developing quizzes, calculators, contests, interactive maps, data visualization, infographics, eBooks, and microsites to engage audiences, get leads, and collect consumer data.

2. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace creates fun personality quizzes that ask follow-up questions depending on your previously selected answers. This tool also comes with assessments that generate tailor-made PDF reports based on your score, along with calculators that assist respondents in navigating to the most relevant content and much more in minutes with Survey Anyplace.

3. ThingLink

ThingLink is an interactive media platform that enables users to bring their images and videos to life by including rich media connections. By adding several interaction points to a photo or video, users may create a one-of-a-kind experience that encourages people to interact with the material for extended periods.


With, you can go a step further and build a more dynamic, enjoyable to read guide. Users can improve their articles with embedded files, photographs, videos, and other media to make them more understandable. Your readers will then have to click to proceed to the next page, and they will also be able to write comments, ask questions, and connect with other platform users.

5. Infogram

Infogram makes unique and stunning interactive infographics with the help of Infogram. No design or coding experience is needed. Various templates and features are included to help you easily create what you envision. 

6. Mindstamp

Create engaging and personalized videos with Mindstamp. Mindstamp allows you to add interactive questions, insert multimedia, get analytics, and integrate your data, 

7. Mapme

MapMe is a program that allows you to create better stories by combining maps, videos, photographs, and text. You can create dynamic, 3D maps with pictures and videos to take your readers and guests on an exciting voyage. Users can also add their locations to the map, which allows them to get more active in the process.

With the help of these beneficial tools, you can easily create any interactive feature you're imagining and incorporate it into your website, YouTube channel, and more!

Need help coming up with and setting up these interactive content? STANDOUT offers one-on-one mentoring with a digital marketing expert that can guide you with anything! Learn more here:

We hope this blog has left you feeling motivated and ready to engage your audience with something creative! Whether you've used interactive content before or you're looking into it for the first time, there are various ways to draw customers' attention. Experimenting and trying out different interactive content ideas until you find something that your audience is the best way any business can get started.

So think outside the box and create something extraordinary :)

What Is Interactive Content and How Can It Benefit Your Business infographic - STANDOUT DIGITAL

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