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STANDOUT Website Builder

CREATE BEAUTIFUL RESPONSIVE WEBSITES 'IN MINUTES'. Easy to customize. No coding. E-Commerce. Unlimited. 100x Cheaper. The simplest and fastest way to get your brand or business online. STANDOUT gives you everything you need to start, manage and grow your business online. No design or coding skills needed.

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US$ 97 
US$ 199 
Unlimited Sites, Licenses & Users
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Easy to customize. No coding. E Commerce. Unlimited. 100x Cheaper.


The simplest and fastest way to get your brand or business online. STANDOUT gives you everything you need to start, manage and grow your business online. No design or coding skills needed.

- Agencies

- Business Owners

- Freelancers

- Creative Geeks

- Digital Marketers



Creating a website with STANDOUT is simple, fast, and intuitive. Anyone can create a website in a matter of minutes, using our industry-leading editor. No coding necessary!


Any content you add will be responsive and will naturally adjust itself to any device: laptops, tablets, phones - even wearables like smart watches and Oculus.

Amazing Stripes designed to save your time

Don’t get stuck because you’re not sure how to build what you want, just choose a template and start small. Launch a simple, single-section website in minutes, and then build complexity over time.


The clean layouts, animation effects, and responsive visuals available in our templates are sure to leave an impression on your users. All of our templates are designed by experienced, professional web designers


You can build a one-pager, or a 1000-pager. Our system has been used to build the largest news websites in the world, as well as the simplest landing pages, so your growth is unlimited.


Create beautiful pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk your traffic through each step of the sales process, and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers who benefit from your products.


Get comprehensive SEO tools out-of-the-box and increase your site’s engagement, traffic & conversions. Our suite of SEO tools includes tracking for Google analytics and Facebook pixels.


Building a website with STANDOUT is like playing with Lego™ Blocks; you can start with any pre-built set, add blocks from other sets, and customize everything until you have your dream website.

Launch a Custom ECOMMERCE or Dropshipping Store

Professional functionality for all ecommerce and online retail needs, including credit card checkout, analytics, management console and more. Start simply - just add a price to any item and start selling!

  • SET UP IN MINUTES. Use our all-in-one ecommerce platform to start selling today.
  • SELL EVERYWHERE. Make your products available on your online store, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.
  • MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS. From inventory and shipping, to marketing and everything in between, STANDOUT will help your business grow.
  • MARKETING MADE EASY. Our powerful tools will help you promote your products on Google and Facebook

Build a solid brand with our business tools.

Access 1+ million free images: appeal to buyers with gorgeous images and illustrations from our library of 1+ million free files.

We’ve got you covered, 24/7

Running into problems? Our support team can help, no matter the time of day (or night – we know you work hard).

More Details:

Simply Unlimited

licenses / domains / users / sites / everything

For a 1-time price of $97 you get an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF LICENSES.

You can build and connect as many sites as you wish:

no quantities, no hidden-fees, no extra costs.

- Connect 1000s of sites to domains

- Each client still gets an unlimited storage

Fully Integrated E-Commerce

Access to all themes

Sell Unlimited Products

Integrated Accounting

Connect your own domain

Premium 24/7 Support

Unlimited Hosting

Automatic Backups & Updates

Secure SSL

Ads Free

More Details:

Do I really get unlimited amount of websites?

Yes - that's really our offer. No catch, no extra monthly fees, no intention to raise the price after the first year.

Can I host my site somewhere else?

No, you can't.

STANDOUT Website Builder is a full solution and to keep things safe and easy we're hosting all the websites built with us.

How long will my site remain in my account?

The sites you build with STANDOUT will remain in your account until you delete them, even if they have not been published.

You can keep your account open and return to building or publishing your site whenever you want.

Do I really get unlimited amount of websites?

Yes - that's really our offer. No catch, no extra monthly fees, no intention to raise the price after the first year.

The offer is monthly?

No, our offer is one time payment and lifetime access!

It’s possible to add HTML codes in my website?

Yes, you can add HTML codes for features not available in our builder by using our custom code feature.

I already have a domain. Can I connect with STANDOUT?

Yes! You can easily connect your domain with us. Just ask to our support team and they’ll help you.

I don’t understand code. Do I need to build a website?

No code needed! You can easily create your website with our drag and drop feature.

The websites are responsive?

Yes, all templates adjust automatically to mobile or tablet version.

E-commerce is included?

Yes! In our unlimited offer you can create a e-commerce website and start selling your products or services.

There are extra costs?

No extra fees! It’s all included and you have lifetime access.

Can I customize the templates?

Yes! You’ll have access to all templates and you can easily customize all them. We have more than 100+ templates ready to use.

Can I change the templates after built a website?

Sorry, it’s currently not possible. You need to choose another template and start again.

Can I host my website somewhere else?

Sorry, not possible. We offer unlimited hosting. And don’t worry, our builder is hosted in Google Cloud Platform. Google servers are the best!

Can I integrate payment gateway in my e-commerce website?

Yes! You can integrate with any payment gateway.

Can I manage the sales of my e-commerce website?

Yes! We offer a dashboard where you can manage your products and track your sales and orders.

The offer includes business e-mail?

You get a free integrated transactional email from google for your Ecommerce shop. You’ll be able to send and receive order confirmations, notifications etc.
It doesn't include a business email only a transactional email address.

Can I create a Blog website?

Yes! We have some blog templates ready to use and you also can add a Blog Stripe in your website after built.

Can I create memberships websites?

You can create membership sites by linking our website with an external portal using our custom code features, however - the builder in itself doesn't offer membership features :-)

You can build any type of websites which doesn't require create Login/User Profile sort of features.
It's mostly built for websites, ecommerce & landing pages!

Can I create a drop-shipping website?

Yes, you can create your website using our builder and add your produtcs and add a custom payment button to link to your checkout page.

Can I add a shopping cart?

Yes, you can. You can add an online store to any STANDOUT template by embedding the HTML code of the store through Add Element > HTML, as simple as that.

What does the Premium Subscription include?

STANDOUT is a one-stop-shop for your new website. Our subscriptions include creating your website using our collection of templates and unlimited hosting and bandwidth.

All of our subscriptions include unlimited hosting, sites, storage, backup and SSL

STANDOUT features:

* 100% responsive website builder with total mobile / tablet compatibility
* Dozens of gorgeous high-end templates, compatible for both web and mobile
* Hassle-free customization of templates
* Reliable, fast and globally-distributed hosting through the Amazon and Google clouds.
* Connect your own domain
* Free and fast support
* Add pictures, videos, music, Google maps, contact forms, gallery, slideshow and more
* Built-in SEO

More Details:
our students work in companies such as
client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

A happy client is what we get our kick from. We believe that we grow if they grow.

“We've been using STANDOUT's services for the last 5 years, and I've to say that we've seen an incredible growth for our educational business.”

Dr. Samuel Lee
Chief Strategic Director, GEX Singapore

“We developed a great partnership with STANDOUT and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new exhibit to life online.”

Carrie Johnson
Director, Paia Consulting

“From building out high converting landing pages to driving social traffic - STANDOUT has played a crucial role in growing and impacting our revenue directly by bringing in many more global clients.”

Samuel Teo
General Manager, Aventis Learning Group

“Very engaged and experienced agency. They provided consultancy for our digital marketing by doing a great job of identifying the area to concentrate on to achieve the desired result.”

Joyce Mok
Marketing Director, Topseller

“We've been implementing Hyperlocal Ad strategy in our business - all thanks to the STANDOUT team - a young and dynamic, result oriented team.”

Vaibhav Kumar
Director, Flipkart

“STANDOUT rocked on our visual identity for our new brand launch. Highly recommend their services. Keep growing!”

Saumya Saksena
Category Head, Landmark Group

“You guys rocked our website project - now we have a gorgeous looking responsive website with great design features and killer Portuguese content ;)”

Theo Ramos
CEO, Cocktail Bartenders

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